The Deputy AG hit me below the belt, Tan Cheng Bock


The High Court today rejected Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s application contesting the legitimacy of the upcoming Presidential Election which has been reserved for Malay candidates today. Besides having his appeal dismissed, Dr Tan was also attacked for having “selfish” and “self-serving” motives by Deputy Attorney General Hri Kumar Nair – a former Member of Parliament from the PAP.

Tan Cheng Bock called “selfish” and “self-serving” by Deputy AG as High Court rejects his appeal against reserved PE

In a statement addressed to Singaporeans, Dr Tan described Mr Hri’s attack on him as a “hit below the belt”. Dr Tan, a former People’s Action Party MP himself, charged that the the Deputy Attorney General was delving “into dangerous racial politics”. he pointed out that his challenge in the Court was about upholding the Constitution of Singapore.

The following is Dr Tan’s message in full.

My fellow Singaporeans

The High Court has decided against my application. My lawyers are studying the 65-page judgment in which Justice Quentin Loh acknowledged that I have “put forward serious arguments on the start of the count”.

I am, of course, disappointed with the result and will announce whether I will appeal, after this weekend.

Meanwhile, I am more disappointed with a Channel News Asia (CNA) report on 7 July 2017, 2.53 pm. In the paragraph titled “Dr Tan “Selfishly” Trying To “Undermine” Multi Racial Presidency’, the report quoted:

““His motives are purely selfish and he has shown no regard for the principle of multiracial representation which Parliament intended to safeguard,” Deputy Attorney-General (DAG) Hri Kumar Nair said.”

I wish to respond.

First, the report gave the impression that Justice Loh accepted the DAG’s remarks about me (which was also unfair and untrue). In fact, the judge did not entertain this submission anywhere in his judgment, presumably because that submission was irrelevant to the case.

Second, in my political life, I championed multi-racialism and continue to do so. I was fortunate enough to take care of a constituency comprising 27% Malay constituents. We served together well and they graciously supported me with record high election percentages including 88% in 2001. I am thankful for the great rapport I had with my Malay constituents and grassroot leaders – some of whom still continue to visit my home during Chinese New Year until this day.

For the DAG to call me “selfish” and having “no regard for the principle of multiracial representation” is hitting below the belt, highly inflammatory and encroaches into dangerous racial politics. The DAG is a public servant and an ex-PAP MP. He should not have made such a statement, which is now widely reported by the press.

This case is not about race. It is about process and procedures. It is about upholding the Constitution. Let’s keep it that way.


  1. Anneh got position already lah,.so he feel excited an wanted to prove to his former boss that he can run the show.all of yu know snake!!!!!.no need to say la.

  2. I saw Hri Kumar one evening in an Italian restaurant with his wife and daughter. How does he account to them at the end of his work day especially pertaining to his remarks about Dr Tan?

  3. Hri Kumar is out of order and beyond his depth. Why is there a requirement to viciously attach TCB with infantile comments. He sounds more like he is in Parliament than serving as an Assistant AG. Wot a sad muppet!

  4. I aredy know “these ppl” hit below the belts, wonder why a very intelligent x-pappy TCB still goes and plays with his former mates? Perhaps they love ❤️ to get “hit below the belts”

  5. The DAG’s comments were unnecessary and shameless. Again, we see further example of how the Pap entrench themselves and demolish threats. Sad day.

  6. Not unexpected but to those discerning we would know this is not about one man’s ambition or racial discrimination but rather the blatant interpretation of laws to their advantage.

  7. The ballot box is where we need to show the Govt what we think of this particular PE. Just imagine a President is elected with less than 30% of valid votes.

  8. Why is he so hard up to be EP knowing the post has no power except to be a popular figure? He must want it for self interest only – getting obscene pay by just obeying the Govt.

  9. Not the first time under the belt already. Organized a CPF talk for all sporean and when Roy sign up he immediately prata and said it is for toa payoh residents only. This kind of caliber can be DAG? Good luck to spore.

  10. Shameless guy with a twisted mind blinded by all the perks of office. Sad day for the country. Worst still we have morons who really sympathise with his remarks.Gosh!

  11. Unbecoming to put up such shallow arguments, which has nothing to do with the questionable counting issue.
    In fact, Mr Tan is selfless to represent other citizens to want to ensure a clear clean PE, as even if the election is held for all races, Mr Tan is understood to be not eligible to stand as he does not qualify under the other changed requirement of heading a $500m equity corporation.
    This is where we can see people who are truly honourable.

  12. As anticipated with result the presidential election is already reserved for Malay is already approved in parliament the judge is just carrying the boss instructions. You already knew that both AG and and DAG are related to whom. No point appealing the result will be the same ownself approved ownself check ownself very disappointed that we are goning backward to the 3rd world with this type of system and government.

  13. Seems like most Singaporeans can see through the shallow plot of a struggling governing party trying desperately to hang on to power. Their report card for past few years has been very poor for a bunch of scholars and high flyers. This ploy to prevent TCB from running for presidency really shows how low they are willing to stoop to for their own selfish agenda.

  14. Why keep on like to be a President if you are not suitable just let make rest. If you are elected is ok if not you feel sad. Be a simple Low profile is better for you to be stress.Everything is let be our fate what you can and what you are unable that what I believed

  15. Some time ago, TCB, a friend and I were having nasi biryani lunch at Geylang Serai HC. So many stall operators and diners came to shake his hands and wish him well. And most of them were Malays. So you can imagine how popular this man is. There is no race or other issues. This man is beloved and respected because of his honesty and integrity and a willingness to do good for the country.

  16. He is acting like he is still an MP. He’s forgotten his new role and I hope he learns he is not a Deputy of Government but a Deputy Attorney General and does not bring further disrepute to the office or scandalize the judicial system, Perhaps he wants to show his usefulness and ability so he can become the AG. Totally uncalled for remarks made by him!

  17. They have the law to hammer people with, whether right or wrong. Wrong, you kenna (which is fine), right, you also kenna. How great is that; this legal system of our land?

  18. There u have it… our so called ‘best of legal minds’ engaged in gutter politics! Clearly the Oxley saga has revealed if nothing else, a spider web of power holders entrenched in every spectrum of the political system in this country. LHL is a weak and feeble minded leader, unlike his father. Only way to remove this cancer is to vote the ruling regime out of office if that is ever possible.

  19. What was the DAG doing when Dr Tan was campaigning for the PAP? Sucking on his milk bottle I would imagine. Somehow I think his mouth failed to connect with his brains when making those remarks.

  20. PAP members are amoebas, boneless, blind n deaf. These lots are prepared to be Slaves to the ruling dynasty. Know or read up Chinese history of at least 7000. yrs.

  21. Wow. I have Lost my respect to Mr Hri And the position of AGO. If the statement to Mr Tan made was true, that he said that he is selfish and whatever …. I think he ought to be ashame of himself holding such a position and he own Mr Tan and Singapore an apology. Because I think that such accusation is not ethical , not called for, highly self opined, likely to be baseless , and just wrong. Outrageous and shame on Mr Hri.

  22. When things given to Malay candidate,let them be.Why die die want to contest the President Election.Do you think you sure can get?Why waste time and money?Still a lot of people aiming to become President.

  23. The process and procedure for the next Presidential Election is reserved for Malay candidates.

    He talked so much about this is what this whole saga is all about BUT how come he doesn’t respect it? So is the DAG really wrong to say it is all about self serving?!

  24. The Remarks by DAG is an insult to his character and don’t fit to be a DAG . No professionalism at all .Is a personal attack against Dr TCB and wonder why he is selected to be a DAG.

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