Lifestyle Arts The day singer Harry Styles looked after a fan's dog outside restaurant

The day singer Harry Styles looked after a fan’s dog outside restaurant

Celebrity also gave huge tip to a server while vacationing in the Caribbean




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One Direction boy band star Harry Styles is known to have a big heart, whether it is giving a generous tip to a server or helping out a fan.

Early this month, Styles generously tipped a server while vacationing with James Corden and Adele in the Caribbean. He gave the server US$2,020 (S$2,720), more than quadruple the total cost of the order. He also wrote “Happy New Year” on the Caribbean Fish Market bill, a photo of which can be found online.

However, one gesture that really melted the hearts of his fans was when he took care of a fan’s dog called Oscar outside a restaurant while he collected an order.

This good deed was on a popular thread on Twitter, which asked what was the most awkward or interesting celebrity encounter anyone had had. It led to many people sharing amazing stories.

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The Styles dog-sitting story was the favourite. At a restaurant in Hollywood, a fan was wanted to collect his take-out food but could not enter because pets were not allowed.

When Styles saw that, he offered the fan to take care of Oscar so that the fan could collect his order.

A photo of Styles with the dog was uploaded online. Fans started praising the 25-year-old singer.

One fan wrote that she was ready to pop the question to him on her knees. Another said  this was who Styles was in summary and that he was a sweetheart. Another fan wrote that Styles did not realise the public service he had just done for Twitter.

Someone then asked when the incident took place: Jan 17, 2018, 11:26 p.m. at The Oaks Gourmet Market in Franklin Village, Hollywood.

Many feel that Styles is always ready to be a Good Samaritan anywhere and anytime. The singer has a reputation of being one of the kindest celebrities and he always encourages his fans to treat each other well.

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