The Circus Has Come To Town


Obbana Rajah

Circus 1903 has finally made its way to Singapore.

It features breath-taking acts such as a contortionist, knife-throwers, tightrope walkers, a juggler and an aerial ballet.

However, in terms of audience engagement the highlights of the show would have to be very realistic-looking elephant puppets as well as acts of comedy by The Ringmaster himself.

The former has the circus bringing to life two elephants, a mother and child called Peanut. With extremely realistic movements, combined with the grandeur and artistry of these puppets, these elephants come to life seamlessly. Plus the kids love them.

Another element that ties the whole show together would be the Ringmaster. With his snarky, sarcastic humour and his way with kids, the time he spends on stage is a feature act all on its own. The Ringmaster somehow manages to involve members of the audience and forgo any initial stage fright or awkwardness they might have by using kids as volunteers! Not only are they adorable, it also ensures that each show brings something slightly different to the table.

Something everyone would love.