The Chan Chun Sing Puzzles


In the aftermath of the toppling of Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional after 60 years in power, the frontrunner to be Singapore’s next Prime Minister has said a number of things which are strange and bewildering.

What made Chan Chun Sing come up with these puzzles?

Puzzle Number One: Place on record the government’s appreciation for Low Thia Khiang’s contributions.

 Low is still a Member of Parliament. He merely passed over the reins of secretary-general of the Workers’ Party to Pritam Singh. Even The Straits Times noted that it was a “rare accolade.” Need we say more?

Puzzle Number Two: Politics is not just about winning votes but about serving the people and the country.

Another head scratcher. To serve the people, you first have to win their votes. So it IS about winning votes first, then comes the service to the nation. Just exactly what was Chan trying to say?

Puzzle Number Three: Winning votes by stoking anger and unhappiness may be a common practice elsewhere, but this is negative politics and not constructive.

So the government decides how political parties should go about trying to win votes? Surely, it is the task of politicians to tap on the angst and unhappiness (and sometimes anger) of voters. By “elsewhere” does Chan mean Malaysia? The tsunami that swept the country towards electoral change is clearly on his mind.

Puzzle Number Four: Agreeing with us (the government) is not a prerequisite. Agreeing to put Singapore first and foremost is the prerequisite.

This is like scoring an own goal! Putting the country first was the reason why the Opposition coalition swept to victory. Malaysians rejected race politics, corruption and oppression. They wanted to start afresh and build a better future for the country. They made Malaysia Boleh! more than a slogan by putting their country first.

So, four puzzles from Chan Chun Sing in a Parliament speech, following the Malaysian elections. Perhaps he and his colleagues have already done a post-mortem and any spillover effect is cause for concern.



  1. Few ways they can win the next GE. Abolish GST which they can’t. Reinstatement of HDB asset enhancement scheme which they can’t. Publicize the accounts of temasek and GIC, which they can’t. Fulfill the promise of releasing CPF at 55, which they can’t. So they can’t win the next GE.!!

  2. You overlooked what has become for me a gem of a head scratcher :”Our jobs as leaders is NOT to provide the answers but to bring out the answers from everybody, that is perhaps already in their minds. THAT is how I see my role.” – Chan Chun Seng on 21 July 2012

  3. That’s an elite school education for you…”say it like you mean it, say it with authority and say it with furrowed brows”…most of the people are kambengs and will rather accept it and get on with their lives than to figure out WTF he meant!

  4. When they peg high salary, these jobs ought be sought after jobs. Not handpicked from the army. Nvr believe public service shld be entice like private sector, where performance is gauge by profit. Remove when non performing. No minister seem to be taking responsibilty, blame, willing to step down for lapses. Who would with such good pay.

  5. Puzzle 1: Push attentions to opposition.
    Puzzle 2: Singapore ruling party PAP serve the country but never the people.
    Puzzle 3: Too many people are angry and unhappy about Singapore ruling party PAP.
    Puzzle 4: use “country 1st” to justify what PAP is doing the right things!

  6. Chan Chun Sing is demonstrable proof that the PAP as a whole has its brains swopped with their buttcheeks and suffer concussions every time they sit down. He should be admitted to the ICU at SGH for monitoring, not sitting in Parliament House as a politician.