"That face. I am dead inside. My soul belongs to the SAF," TMG promoter trolls recruit – SAF deletes picture


Singapore Armed Forces’ Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) on 5 January 2016, posted pictures of their Direct Enlistment Exercise showing recruits first day in National Service.

One of the pictures posted in that series is this one:
DYBMT1This picture garneredĀ the most number of ‘likes’ and comments on BMTC’s Facebook. Some of the comments were hilarious.

“My girlfriend left me two hours ago. FML.”
“A wise man once said, “stun like vegetable.””
“They should send the happy looking ones to army instead. That’ll be hilarious.”
“The biggest drumstick he will ever see in his BMT days.”
“My parents say I can be the best that I can be and go OCS…I want to be vegetable instead.”

Joining in the chorus of trollers was The Middle Ground, an online publication’s promoter, Daniel Yap.

“The most amazing thing is that this is a series of 100+ photos AND NONE OF THE OTHER PHOTOS HAVE ANY LIKES,” he said.

Mr Yap further shared the picture on his own social media platform with the caption:

“That face. I am dead inside. My soul belongs to SAF.”
DYBMTThe original picture on BMTC’s page is now no longer viewable. The page admins couldĀ have changed the privacy setting for the picture, or could have deleted the picture altogether.

The moral of the story (especially for those managing corporate social media) is, “what happens in the internet stays in the internet.”