Terengganu has a Croatian like minded township on dress codes

Fed-up mayor of destination popular with young British fun-seekers tries to stop debauchery with penalties of up to €700 against lewd, rude and drunk tourists

Screen shot of Hvar sign board
The Malaysian state of Terengganu has a like minded friend which is Hvar, a majority Christian island in the country of Croatia.

Remember, Croatia is a European country and Terengganu is of course a state which is located by the conflicting South China Sea.

Both jurisdictions have a few similar rules in common, which is a dress code and also a social code of conduct in public.

The state of Terengganu sparked fury across Malaysia in the early 2000 when its PAS-led government decided to impose a dress code.

It had tongues waggling and criticism from the government of Malaysia were at its peak against the Islamists rule of the state.

Now, it is Hvar that has imposed a dress code on tourists and of course on its citizens.

The fines for not following these rules in Hvar can run up to 700 Euros if caught.

The Mayor of Hvar, Rikardo Novak said: “Young tourists are welcome, but they will have to learn how to behave here.”

Tourists have been behaving badly in that island from being extremely drunk and being disorderly afterwards, like vomiting in their town, urinating in public, crawling around the area unconscious, and so on.

Some examples of unwelcoming behaviour includes tourists walking around in swimsuits in Hvar’s historic centre, and not wearing a shirt or a top in public, both fines can cost up to 600 Euros. Drinking alcohol in public could get someone fined up to 700 Euros.

Multiple signs that read “Save Your Money and Enjoy Hvar” which is to tell the tourists to not break the rules set with the heavy penalties.

In 2015, the Terengganu state government decided that tourists who intend to visit the state must now abide by a dress code, as outlined by the state government.

The local government website stated that the guidelines are targeted at tourists, especially female tourists.