Teens try to steal coins from vending machine using screwdriver; hurl vulgarities when caught


A group of teenagers were caught attempting to pry open a drink vending machine with a screwdriver to allegedly steal the coins in the machine, at Block 126A Edgefield Plains in early October. When they were caught, the teens hurled vulgarities and began kicking the machine, causing cracks, instead of fleeing.

Posted by Ah Xiang on Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A resident, 32-year-old Mr Zhang, told the Chinese daily that his student is the one who spotted the teens as he was passing by:

“He saw five or six teenagers. Some of them rode bicycles while others were on skateboards. Two of them were using a screwdriver to pry open a vending machine a the void deck in order to get the coins inside. They seemed young and could have been secondary school students. 

“When they discovered my student was taking a video of them, they started hurling vulgarities. My student quickly left but returned later to the scene. The teenagers did not leave but became even more daring. They even kicked the machine, until there were cracks on the plastic display.”

The cracked vending machine



  1. Try punishing your child in this times, the government may come down hard on you. Claiming child abuse. But when the same child gets into trouble with the law later on, it’s the parents that ends up paying fines, summons, and doing prison visits.

  2. This country is gonna Ng down to the doldrums and the cost of wanting to be first, economic prowess and widening income GAP. Every day there’s something death or murder or unnatural death. It never use to be like this until this government decide to import aliens in. Families broken up cause both parents have to make ends meet cause of the exorbitant prices and increases in Ministers salaries. All for the sake of wanting to be no 1 in the world at the cost of its people. Is it worth it. Such a sad thing in Singapore

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