Teenager falls to death from 12th floor of Toa Payoh flat while playing hide and seek with friend

16-year-old Ng Jun Hui fell to his death from the 12th storey sky garden of Block 79D Toa Payoh Central while reportedly playing hide and seek after midnight with a female friend.

The boy’s father, 53-year-old private-hire car driver Mr Ng, told reporters that he met his female friend at the sky garden in the late hours of Monday night. The pair began chatting before playing a game of hide and seek.

The boy’s friend said that the boy had been hurtling over several low walls when he suddenly made the fatal leap over the side of the building, around 12.20am on Tuesday, 23 Jan.

The police have classified the case as an unnatural death. Investigations are ongoing.


  1. Playing is not the issue. The issue is see where you leap. This skimpy report did not tell how he could take the parameter wall of the building to be another structure he had jumped over. Trying to hide too far out?

  2. The hide and seek theory is just kinda doubtful : she claimed in her statement that they were playing hide and seek, but she saw him hurtle over the wall? Wasn’t he hiding from her? How’s it that she could see him? She texted him at 10pm to meet her at the sky garden to spend time with her playing hide and seek? They are 16yo, like didn’t hide and seek games end in p2? Rip.

  3. It is quite strange to see 16 yos, boy and girl, playing hide and seek! Why he needed to leap over the parapet wall is anybody’s guess. It is really a sad case and unnecessary loss of a young life! RIP.

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