Video: Teenager arrested after misbehaving with a pair of scissors at Bedok Mall


An 18-year old boy was arrested at Bedok Mall after he was found messing up a shop while brandishing a pair of scissors.

According to the police, they were notified of the incident at around 2pm on Thursday. They said that they were alerted to a male “holding on to a pair of scissors and causing trouble in the mall”.

The boy reportedly went into some shops, where he messed things up while brandishing a pair of kitchen scissors.

The teenager was restrained and held down by the mall’s security guards and an off-duty policeman.















Video: Andrea Heng

A police spokesman said that no injuries were reported and that, “The man, who has a history of mental health problems, has been arrested for public nuisance”.

According to Yahoo News, three mall security officers were following the teenager and trying to talk him into dropping the scissors, but to no avail.

A male member of the public then distracted the teenager by stamping his foot and moving quickly to snatch the scissors out of his hand, said an eyewitness Andrea Heng. According to her, this was when the mall security officers stepped in and brought the teenager to the ground.

It was reported that the teen has a history of mental health problems.

A similar incident happened last December, but it is unclear if it is the same teen.

Netizens were hardly focused on the issue, but instead made light of the whole incident.