Teen charged in court after e-scooter crash led middle aged woman to suffer coma, mini-strokes and brain surgeries


The e-scooter rider, 18-year-old Nicholas Ting Nai Jie was charged in court today for causing grievous hurt to Mdm Ang Liu Kiow, after he collided into her while riding an e-scooter.

54-year-old Mdm Ang had been running errands and was walking in front of a bus stop at Pasir Ris Drive 1 on 17 Sept last year, when the crash occurred. Mdm Ang was so badly injured that she had to be hospitalised for three months and suffered life-threatening injuries.

Besides having to undergo two brain operations and having suffered multiple mini-strokes, Mdm Ang also went into a coma. Doctors at Changi General Hospital had told her family that her chances of waking up from the coma were slim and the family had prepared for the worst – until she miraculously woke up gradually in October.

Although Mdm Ang has now returned home, her medical and hospitalisation fees cost more than $100,000. While most of it had been paid by financial aid schemes, Mdm Ang’s husband, Mr Leong Loon Wah – who earns just over $1,000 a month working as an odd-jobs worker – was worried about his wife’s physiotherapy costs, according to an earlier newspaper report.

Mr Leong, who has been married to his wife for over 30 years, told reporter then:

“No matter how tough it gets, I’ll want to take care of her and stay by her side. After all, we’ve spent so many years of our lives together.”


Nicholas will return to court in November. If convicted for causing grievous hurt, he could be jailed for up to four years and/or fined a maximum of $10,000 for committing a rash act that endangered the personal safety of others.


  1. Shouldn’t the victim be able to claim medical fees from the person who caused the injury? The report talks about a $10k fine which will go to the government’s coffers but there is no recompense for the victim.

  2. The minister and LTA officers introduce e-scooter should be punished as they the cause of all these accidents. How on earth they cannot anticipate such accidents would happened? Nicholas Ting is just a victim to the government allowing them to ride the e-scooter. We need to find the root of the problems.

    • E-scooters are banned from being used on pavements in the UK for safety reasons… why they’re allowed in SG is baffling… same goes for electric bicycles. I almost got hit by an e-bike along my running track where bicycles are prohibited. Ban them all!

    • Agree !! Now the citizens must understand the working of the law in this land. In this case , seek out a lawyer that is willing to do pro bono and sue which ever agency that approved the e bike business in Singapore !!! Justice must preview for the victim in this case ……

    • Mae Tham
      Actually I was thinking if one of the ministers’ relatives was a victim then corrective actions would be fast ..

      Instant ban of e-scooters on pavement should be taken ..
      We cannot let the very young and very old on pavement till then ??

    • Steven Lee my 80+ year old aunt narrowly missed being knocked over by one too… she’s so afraid of going out now because of these e-nuisances

  3. The maximum punishment for the crime does not match the severity of the injury caused to the victim. She should be awarded compensation for long term care and loss of decent lifestyle. Clearly the government should review the penalties to also focus on awarding damages to victims to reduce their suffering.

  4. I saw 2 teens on a E scooter yesterday cutting across 3 lanes to make a right turn at a traffic junction. While they cut in front of the bus I was in, the bus driver slowed down for them. If the bus driver was not alert, he could have hit and killed them. They didn’t wear any helmets and were riding about 50km – 70km (my estimate as they took about 10 – 15secs in their feat to cover the100m distance). I won’t pity them if they were killed since they didn’t seem to treasure their lives.

    • Usually Their families will claim that their kids have no wrong at all if they are hit and killed. It will always the other party that is wrong .

    • Anne Toh The law bans the total use of personal mobility devices like skateboards, kick-scooters, e-scooters and hoverboards on public roads wef Jan 2017.

      The teens had therefore flouted the law by riding their e-scooters on the road. Furthermore, they had shown little regard for their own safety by cutting across 3 lanes in the manner described and would have majorly contributed to their own demises.

      No legal expert here but if evidences such as CCTV camera recordings and witness accounts are there, I can’t see how the families could have a strong case against any motorists if it had resulted in a traffic accident.

  5. Not to import these product is best!!!Why allow import!!!???I dont like these product!!!Samilar with brike that need to let way for them!!!!Stop all e scooter enter import singapore!!!Greety want to tax importer and imported!!!!Dont care people safetyness!!!!Greety govt dept!!!!

  6. Whatever punishments, there is no way victim can seek redress as bike has no insurance coverage. Civil suit is the only way out. But does the defendant has the means to comply with any damages awarded?

  7. Give him the maximum sentence to deter those menaces of the road from riding their TOYs recklessly as though it’s their grandfather’s road.

  8. I’ve seen e-scooters travelling, as fast as, other vehicles on the road. It is definitely dangerous. Why was it not banned? It has even resulted in padestrian deaths. Nowadays, you can’t walk 50m on the pavements without having to give way to electric powered vehicles. They are becoming a real nuisance. LTA!!! Its time to act before somebody else becomes a victim!!!

  9. Seeing many e-scooter speeding on shared footpaths, weaving around pedestrians like some expert riders, some probably travelling above the 25km/h speed limit. There’s no way for LTA enforcement officers to be stationed everywhere 24/7 to catch these riders.

    Make it mandatory for all e-scooter to be fitted with automatic speed limiter and impose jail sentence on riders who cause serious injuries to pedestrians.

  10. Fine and imprisonment will not improve the life of the crash victim. Now the family has to go through the legal avenue to recover the medical cost and other cost for the victim. Not if the rider declare bankrupt then there is nothing the victim family can do. And what is the root of the accident? LTA allowed it to happen. So ‘LTA should be sued as well.

  11. Singapore Pussies Force, LTA don’t sit in your aircon office. Go and see for yourself what is happening along the road, pavement, zebra crossing, etc.

  12. Do you all have a heart? It’s very painful for the family seeing a family member suffering. The pain, stress, time waiting, etc.
    LTA must Stop These With Immediately!

  13. Please share this post as it would help you as who knows the next victims being knock down by e-scooter may be your child, grandparent or relatives. A lot of cases may not be reported and only a few serious hit by e-scooter such as this one which causes this Madam Ang to be in coma and brain damaged. E-scooter should be banned. Minister who approved the e-scooter should held responsibility for the medical cost of the operation of Madam Ang.

  14. The government ministries here are useless. Implement rules that cannot be enforced, allowing all these e-scooters on our already narrow walkways now even more use with the increased of foreigners. It is time for change.

  15. Seriously, E scooters should not be allowed on the walking pavement, that includes bicycles. Pavement is for humans to walk in, not for these vehicles to be used. Where in the world can a pavement be combined as 3 in 1? There was a few times that I was almost being knocked by these irresponsible and reckless users and yet LTA & government are not doing anything about it and in fact doing the reverse way.

  16. Otherwise indicated for the use of the needy , all this E-bikes , scooters whatever you called it should be taken off the roads !!! Why should we suffer to the expense of letting all this able bodied handicaps lazy buggers have fun ?
    To have manual operate cyclist cycling blindly along the pavements is bad enough ,now they turn to motorist operated …
    And to think it took a typical motorcyclist how long to go thru theory and practical test to enable him/her to operate a motorist vehicle on the road when all these people are happily doing it on zero skill level ?

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