Taxpayers to bear part of the cost of additional bus services due to shorter MRT operating hours


Taxpayers will be required to bear part of the cost to deploy a large fleet of additional buses that will ferry commuters inconvenienced by MRT station closures and the shorter MRT operating hours on the East-West line.

The MRT network closures were implemented in response to the train collision at Joo Koon station last week.

This is according to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that shared with the Straits Times today that LTA and SMRT will foot the remaining costs for deploying additional buses.

The statutory board also revealed that buses deployed to provide service to commuters along the 19 stations affected by the shorter operating hours will charge equivalent train fares for travelling the distance between stations.

Buses bridging Joo Koon and Gul Circle stations – which are closed – will be free.

LTA will call upon SBS Transit and private bus operators to provide additional buses to help displaced commuters cope with the train network closures.

The decision to deploy a large fleet of bridging buses has drawn flak from some transport experts. National University of Singapore transport lecturer Lee Der-Horng said:

“During peak hours, one full-load train can have as many as 1,600 passengers, and it is two minutes per train. So an hourly load can hit 48,000. You need more than 500 buses, and that’s only for one direction.”

Another senior manager of a bus operator declined to be named but said:

“We may have some excess capacity at night, but in the morning, it will be quite tough. Even on Sundays, the trains are quite full. And if the bus services are not done well, there will be complaints. There will also be increased congestion on the road.”

Khaw: Aside from the flooding incident and MRT collision, we are “actually making good progress”



  1. How can charge train fare when you are slower and take longer time to bring commuters to their destinations? Is it PM’s idea or opearation managers just gasak buta?

  2. Temasek (Ho Ching) screwed up SMRT by appointing/approving Saw Phaik Hwa, Halimah Yacob & Desmond Kuek; taxpayers pay….she keep earning her millions.
    Saw Phaik Hwa & Halimah Yacob screwed up; one resigned without penalties & the other APPOINTED as Prez….taxpayers pay for their fault.
    Desmond Kuek came in & get his millions while the system get worse…. taxpayers pay again.
    This is PM LHL’s idea of *meritocracy*; in some countries, they called this nepotism/cronyism.

  3. Our old guards strive towards excellence!
    Now that excellence has reached a saturated point and the new guards are declining as most of them are born in rich and powerful family of nepotism
    ⚡We pay more for Wi-Fi with the fastest speed yet Now has to pay the same price for slower speed!
    ⚡The best solution is let the citizens choose to work at home, save time in travelling and save money in office dressing

  4. this is totally crap idea the people didn’t ask to stop train services it stop because you all fail to maintain it now needed the time to service and maintenance . the ppl now got to make longer traveling time and you dare to charge higher fare for mistake that you have done it totally crap idea .still all out thinking earning money .

  5. So the next round when oppositions speaks listen attentively. Now we pay for their big and silly mistakes….oops… i meant our future children will continuously bear the cost of these jokers… they re like a bunch of clowns running a circus.i say this my fellow singaporeans we re finished.I ve lost my trust in the ruling party eversince LKY kicked the bucket.

  6. Ridiculous! The white monkeys screwed up the train system and make commuters shoulder part of their responsibilities! White monkeys just want to milk money as much as possible! !

  7. Perhaps the 70% would like to organise a National ‘Lets bus, walk and cycle’ campaign in support of their government’s brilliant transport idea! Love how the 70% are being screwed left right centre!

  8. Use tax payers’ money built f*^#^^^k up mrt , provide f*%^**k up services , blame everyone except themselves , now charge tax payers for bridging bus ride! Aey sai leh ! Boleh lah!!
    This is CB white termite Gang’s ideal of rubbing salt into wound concept!—“Punch you !, Rob you ! Make you say Thank you !”
    Ok lor ! Win liao lor!!!

  9. So first of all lta share the cost of deploying buses. So that’s taxpayers money. Then to take the bus, I still have to pay? What logic is this? So I must pay to deploy the service and pay to use the service? Isn’t this double-charge? How is this fair? Oh and don’t forget, the revenue is all taken by SBS buses hor. So costs is all taxpayers, profits?

  10. Fuckpap!
    But anyone here has solutions honestly?
    They screw us,yet no one got answer to solve?

    Can all our alternative parties form one strong party?
    Thats the only way to take them down

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