Taxi driver complains that Uber drivers are touting and queuing at Changi Airport

A Facebook user Ben Tan in sharing several screenshots of his communication with Changi Airport in a group for taxi drivers, claimed that the airport management does not care about private cars getting into designated taxi queues, driving recklessly within it and in dropping off passengers. He said that it was a major breach of security for the “first world airport where there are many signs which states ‘TAXI ONLY’ with cameras but no action is taken”.

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The National Taxi Association had previously raised such issues with the authorities and was assured that enforcement actions were being taken. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) also said that it had investigated 35 alleged cases of private-hire vehicles and private cars picking up fares illegally since 2013, and that out of the 35 cases 1 had been charged and 19 issued with warnings.