Tan Jee Say vindicated on his economic strategy



PE2011 presidential candidate Tan Jee Say commented in a Facebook book that his economic strategy in 2011 was right after all.

In GE2011, Tan Jee Say proposed a 60B economic restructuring plan to strengthen Singapore’sl economy by proposing to rebuild the economy through a five year economic regeneration plan

His proposal was quickly shot down by late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, saying that manufacturing was still a backbone for Singapore’s economy. Moving manufacturing out would mean loss of jobs for Singaporeans.

In a recent human capital event held last week, Minister Josephine Teo asked employers to hire more mid-career professionals in place of automation. Mid-career professionals do bring the soft-skills which an AI algorithm or robot would lack.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also said that robots need to be taxed in the future.

With robots capable of taking over the jobs, should the government still continue to bring in more foreigners in line with their 6.9M population target?


  1. With all due respect to Mr.TJS , all that he said may be right but he did not have the power to make them right ……….get into the law makers house 1st and even if he does , it does not necessary means he can make things right ….80vs8 , a very unhealthy law makers house indeed .

  2. If the opposition party is not huge and got billions of finance, i believe they shall focus on local issues, how can they help to find a job, lower cost of living for the area they are elected etc.. They cant break the chains of pap by blindly hum tump. Also they have not been ” known ” person in international stage. So they just need to start from the basic and build

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