Tan Chuan Jin tries to resolve neighbourly dispute only to make an eerie discovery


Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin shared an atypical post on his Facebook page, recounting a conversation he had with a resident during a house visit yesterday night that led to an eerie discovery.

Quipping that he had encountered an issue “waaaaay beyond” a parliamentarian’s ability, the ruling party politician said that he heard a neighbour’s complaint about chairs being dragged in the flat above.

Thinking that it was a neighbourly dispute, Tan visited the upstairs unit only to discover that it was vacant after the former resident had passed away:

“From time to time, we encounter issues that may be beyond an MP’s ability. And I mean waaaaay beyond.
“House visit this evening. Heard a neighbour giving feedback about dragging chairs in flat above. I thought…sigh, another neighbour dispute.
“Except that there is no one living in the flat. The resident had passed on and flat is empty.

From time to time, we encounter issues that may be beyond an MP’s ability. And I mean waaaaay beyond. House visit this…

Posted by Tan Chuan-Jin on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Speaker’s post has gone viral online with several netizens responding with their own local ghost encounters. Tan also took the opportunity to crack some jokes with netizens over the creepy episode:

Interestingly, this is not Tan’s first brush with paranormal activity, so to speak.

Last year, the then-Minister was invited to accompany the Ghost Files Singapore crew on one of their ghost hunts. The politician neither accepted nor denied and only replied with a single ghost emoji:

We tweeted Minister of Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin to invite him on our new show. Not sure if that's a yes but…👻👻👻

Posted by Ghost Files Singapore on Thursday, 3 November 2016


  1. #Jingapore politician got too much free time on their hands, got time for part-time jobs, got time selfie wefie FB photo sharing FB Live FB posting FB updating, now up one more level, telling ghost story on Facebook,

  2. Wow! From quantum theory, we lived in a dimension tied to a certain energy level. A bit like the electrons in a molecule are associated with obital energy at their defined obit.

    There are dimensions which we are inaccessible physically but occasionally, some energy might leak into our dimension, such as the speaking sound of a chair rubbing against the floor.

    Another example is we are able to listen to BBC because our receiver tuned into the frequently of BBC station. That does not mean that other stations such as Beijing radio station or American radio stations are not around.

  3. Noise appears to be from the top units may turn out otherwise. Noise reverberation makes it appears so. My block is currently undergoing lift upgrading. Initially I mistook drilling and knocking in the lift shafts were by my upstairs neighbours until I had enough of it and decided to go up to confront them. It was only then I discovered that the contractor was trying to dismantle the lift car. So perhaps the noise TCJ referred to was not from that vacant unit but from the next occupied unit.

  4. (As posted on the Parliamentary Speaker’s Fb page)

    About ghost/wraith/phantom/specter, gremlin & poltergeist…

    Hi Speaker Tan, am not one here inclined towards crediting the supernatural stuff…and frankly I don’t buy any of that creepy-spooky stories mentioned here; nonetheless I understand to each his own. However, sometimes there is/are elementary, rational explanation(s) being overlooked or understated. And since you’re one of the MPs in my GRC, let me share with you my experience regarding ‘phantom noises’ in high-rise dwellings.

    A couple of years back soon after moving into my 10-floor unit, I got a visit from a ‘new’ neighbor from the 9th floor, enquiring about the rapping noise which she thought was surely coming from my abode. But I explained that my interior reno had long been completed and that the irritating noise I myself had assumed was originating somewhere north of my unit. So we proceeded together to further investigate. As it turned out, the striking noise was traced not to an upstairs unit from mine but to one on the 8th floor right under from my ‘new’ neighbor.

    Yes, it has already been noted by some poster(s) here that sound travels rather elusively within interconnected high-rise residences. Mr. Speaker Sir, you would do many an intrigued reader here a favor, if you would be so kind to return to re-investigate the supposed phantom din… by canvassing ALL the neighbors in the vicinity within hailing distance. I look forward to your doing so… as I’m quite certain you would be able to update us with a rational answer to this so-called mystery in due course. Thank you.

  5. Actually this is very common and I don’t think it has to do with anything supernatural. When I was a kid living in a flat, these sounds come on only at night. Sounds like chairs being dragged around and marbles being dropped onto the ground. I was spooked as a kid but over the years, I’ve heard complaints of similar sounds from others living in flats. I think it has something to do with the contraction of structures in the building when air cools. I think spooks by now would have been more innovative than dragging chairs or playing marbles. Hahaha…

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