Tan Chuan Jin considers creating blog to inform citizens about parliamentary processes as citizens clamor for live feed


As Singaporeans clamor for live video feeds of parliamentary sessions, in the interests of transparency and accountability, Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin has indicated that he may set up a blog to explain parliamentary processes to members of the public.

Speaking to Channel News Asia, Tan – who has assumed the position just two months ago – said that he is interested to bridge the information gap about what really goes on in Parliament:

“Being aware of the debates is one thing…reading about them, watching, thinking about them. But understanding the process is also important, this is really about the democracy at work.”

The parliamentarian also indicated that he may utilise other social media platforms, like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, besides creating a blog to inform citizens of parliamentary processes.

Meanwhile, Workers’ Party NCMP Leon Perera’s parliamentary exchange with Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat over having live feeds of parliamentary sessions has sparked citizens to rebut Chee’s assertion that there is no demand for live feed by circulating a petition, calling on the government to implement full live videos perhaps using a platform like youtube live.

An online petition on the matter is calling for 200 signatories and will be delivered to the Parliament of Singapore and Leon Perera. The description of the petition reads:

“Senior Minister of State for Health and Communications and Information, Chee Hong Tat mention explicitly that “the reason why we(parliament) don’t have a live feed is because this is not in great demand” In fact, the current CNA microsite for parliament video archive is simply not good enough. Videos fail to load or load too slowly for anyone to even watch. Speeches are cut off and we can’t see the entire context at all. Live feeds usually results in error and many other issues plague the microsite. It is therefore imperative for the Parliament of Singapore to look into alternative hosting providers such as Youtube Live to broadcast their proceedings live. Broadcasting on Youtube Live is free and comes with little cost since Youtube do not charge their broadcasters fees.”

Netizens want to see ministers paid millions of dollars doing their job in Parliament; demand parliamentary live feed


  1. Sometimes in the 80s they decided to telrecast proceeding live to showcase PAP MPs’ debating skills and the two opposition MPs lack of it. But it was telecasted live for less than a year after its own MP was challenged by Mr Chiam See Tong to apologise to the House for using an unappropriate term to describe Little India. Reason given was two words-poor viewership. Do you think so? After getting burn, think they will bring back live telecast?

  2. Just live stream it without censorship is all we ask. No need for this wayang. If he is too free , than he should do some charity. Maybe start with helping those who have to cart around cardboards to sell . Renember, the ones he said were doing it to exercise not because they were poor n needed the meagre earnings to survive.

  3. Mr Tan I for one do not clamour for news but to know through the Parliamentary Sessions and debates what’s going on Truly in Singapore’s interest and whether or not the people we did not vote for represent the people who continue to put their faith if not fate and trust into you buggers. Do not Lie Mr Tan you think we Singaporeans can be easily fooled like your 70% “Voters” half of whom are from 3rd World Country who are happy that they have a citizenship in a first world economy and better lives as opposed to where they came from will continue to lick your balls and butts to ensure a decent living in their adopted home and saving enough to return back to their hell holes they escaped from. So cut the crap story and be truthful. Don’t forget if you were so good and great you will not be demoted in the first instance.