Tan Cheng Bock to Mahathir: Age is just a number


Obbana Rajah

In a congratulatory Facebook post to Dr Mahathir last week, Dr Tan Cheng Bock spoke about age.

The former member of the People’s Action Party (PAP) said to Malaysia’s new Prime Minister, “You have shown that age has not prevented you from doing what u believe is right.”

Dr Mahathir won Malaysia’s elections at the robust age of 92.

Dr Tan also took the opportunity to reminiscence with pictures of Dr Mahathir at a Medical Alumni function in the 1980s.

In his post, he said:
Oldest PM at 93.
Congratulation Dr Mahathir for winning the hearts and minds of the Malaysian people in the GE14.You have shown that age has not prevented you from doing what u believe is right. l wish you the best and hope Malaysa and Singapore will continue to have good relations. Picture shows Dr Mahathir gracing our Medical Alumni function in the 80’s

Dr Tan’s post was flooded with comments about how he should contest in Singapore’s next elections.

Singaporeans wish Tan Cheng Bock will follow Mahathir’s lead and contest the next GE as an opposition candidate



  1. (The following was congratulatory note I posted on Dr. M’s Fb on May 15)…

    Good morning to you Sir, PM Dr. Mahathir. Allow me here to add to the chorus of congrats to you and your PH partners for the fantabulous GE14 victory. I’m a blogger but instead of clogging up the space here, let me just simply reprise the concluding line from my May 13 Fb post: ‘Like the patriarchs of old, his obituary may read: The AVENGER who rid his nation of rampant moral pestilence, buried the corrupt brand, and restored decency and propriety to his fellow countrymen.’
    All the best to you and your new team of nation restoration,
    Lester Kok

  2. Yeah it’s never too late nor too old to come out to atone for past mistakes.

    Malaysia wouldn’t be in its present state if not for Mahathir’s legacy when he was the 4th PM!

    Don’t forget, who made Najib PM of Malaysia!? It’s Mahathir!!! To keep a promise!

    Anwar wouldn’t be in prison if not for Mahathir asking him to play ball over the former’s forex corruption and Anwar refused as finance minister!

    Yeah so like Malaysia, Singaporean probably need a crook to bring about changes!

    Anyone know a crook and hypocrite to come out to lead the opposition???