Tan Cheng Bock: Tharman is the best candidate to be S’pore’s next PM – but lacks ‘killer instincts’


Former presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock said that Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam is the best person to be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. Dr Tan made that comment in his speech he delivered for a local think-tank, Future of Singapore, last Saturday (16 Dec).

Dr Tan said that several people had expressed to him their concerns about who the next Prime Minister of Singapore might be. He added that he had worked with Mr Tharman on several projects and knows first hand that he is a very capable person whose heart is in the right place. Dr Tan however noted that Mr Tharman lacked the ‘killer instinct’.

Mr Tharman is the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore. A poll of our readers in September last year showed that a large majority of Singaporeans supported Tharman to be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. A scientific poll commissioned by Yahoo Singapore and conducted by pollster Blackbox, later confirmed that the views of our readers were accurate.

Mr Tharman however, categorically ruled himself out from the race to be Singapore’s next Prime Minister.

“Just to be absolutely clear, because I know there’s this talk going around … I’m not the man for PM, I say that categorically. It’s not me.” – Tharman Shanmugaratnam

'I'm not the man for PM' – Tharman rules himself out

Mr Chan Chun Sing and Mr Heng Swee Keat remain the top two contenders to be the next Prime Minister of Singapore.

Mr Chan who currently holds the position of Minister without Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office said that he and his colleagues are all prepared to become next PM if called upon.

Mr Heng who is the Finance Minister of Singapore who was seen as the top contender before his stroke in the middle of last year, recently side-stepped the question of if he will be Singapore’s next PM.

Heng Swee Keat deftly deflects question on whether he will be the next Prime Minister


    • The ‘Great Leader’ is Chinese. But, he is a disgrace to the Chinese race! He claimed that the way to control the Chinese is to treat them like dogs, namely, to be obedient. This, from the Chinese Pariah himself! He talked nonsense. Inche Said Zahari is absolutely right when he said that Lee Kuan Yew is a political coward. LKY used filthy means to win. He is to be despised! He thinks too much of his cleverness. And, is truly stupid because he does NOT even know that he has to die! What an idiot! To the point: Any Singapore citizen can be the PM. Your race is a total irrelevance! I’d much prefer a female Prime Minister. And, she may not even be a Chinese as long as she is capable, sincere and has the heart for The PEOPLE.

  1. The more the people promote tharman the more people want him to be PM, the faster you will see Tharman getting out of PAP.

    The right person in the wrong place.

  2. They would rather not picked those whom the public picked. What Vox Populi they associated with opposition unfortunately. That’s their seed they will sow one day. No political party can withstand after this PM’s lacklustre containment.

  3. Tharman already said he doesn’t want to be PM

    So TCB is really talking cock lah! Can he not say the obvious like he knows what we don’t know.

    Doesn’t anybody see his mindset!? He thinks Singaporeans are stupid

  4. this bunch of frighten people does not deserve a man like Tharman to be PM; better a 2 bit (meant, star) genderal, or a stroke ridden patient.

    Just hope TS go on an take something better like the IMF or IBRD.

    n,b, nobody recovers from a stroke.

  5. I think Tharman has been ruled out as potential PM by his master. Hence, this resulted in him saying openly he did not want to be SG PM. How can a person be chosen as a Dy PM not suitable to be PM? He should be at least given a chance, right?

  6. Totally agree wt him but LHL not looking for a capable candidate whose heart in the right place… he is looking for someone he can bossed around licking his boots…. and most importantly a yes man with no integrity and heart…

  7. EugeneTavano
    I dont think that you are a Singaporean or simply someone trying to fuse Other Countries’ history of Military Junta to Singapore.
    The last thing Singapore and Singaporeans need is someone trying to create disharmony and trouble…

  8. Killer instinct to murder n harm others for one’s personal gain n advantage is not good for society. Just look at the bunch of clowns who usedr their killer instinct to decimate those who opposed them or who criticised them.

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