Tan Cheng Bock on the Trump-Kim summit; netizens do not express hope with him

Photo: YouTube screengrab

With the Trump-Kim summit having just ended, Dr Tan Cheng Bock offered his closing remarks on Facebook yesterday.

In it, he expressed hope for the two nations and wished for peace.

He wrote, “A HISTORICAL SUMMIT – The Singapore Summit was historical. Both President Trump and Chairman Kim looked relaxed and seemed determined to make the summit a success”.

Dr Tan also touched on the interpretation of the agreement signed by both leaders.

He continued, hoping that the agreement played out well, “As the dust [settles] what [is] left to be seen will be the interpretation of the signed documents. Lets pray that both sides will act on the issues favourably and bring peace to the Korean Peninsular and elsewhere.”

Netizens who commented on his post expressed very different sentiments.

A few also griped about the cost of the summit to Singapore, instead of its outcome.