Tan Cheng Bock is “prepared to mentor any political group, even PAP chaps” to carry his views


Former presidential candidate, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, offered to groom political candidates from any political party, at a forum organised by Future of Singapore yesterday, entitled  ‘Post-PE 2017 Singapore Moving Forward’.

Speaking to a crowd of over 100 participants, the 77-year-old added that “quite a few” individuals have already approached him and that he will be meeting these individuals soon:

“I’m prepared to mentor any political group, even PAP chaps can come to me, I’ll still mentor them. Because the objective must be very clear: you want to train people who will be good MPs. MPs who will think of Singapore first.”

Referring to his past comments that Singapore’s political system has created an atmosphere where people are “very obedient, insecure and many a time, fearful of authority,” Dr Tan asserted that he will encourage the people he grooms to not think like that.

He added that he believes the mentees he grooms will carry some of his views if they enter the political sphere:

“If you come under my fold, I’ll tell them not to think like that. So if they do enter into the political arena, even into the PAP, I think they will carry some of my views.”

Dr Tan, who was the key speaker at the event, made several observations during the dialogue. Among other remarks, he noted that more people were moving away from mainstream media to alternative media for their news consumption.

The veteran politician also shared his views on the contentious Presidential Election this year. Dr Tan had expressed his desire to contest this year’s presidential election but was disbarred from doing so after the Government’s reserved the elections for Malay candidates.

The former PAP parliamentarian, who lost the 2011 Presidential Election by just 0.34% of votes, had launched a legal challenge against the reserved election which was rejected by both the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Former Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob subsequently won the election by means of a walkover.

Pointing to the voters’ lingering dissatisfaction over their inability to choose their President at the ballot box, Dr Tan predicted that this would impact votes at the next General Election.

As to whether he would join an opposition party in the next General Election, which must be held by 15 Jan 2021, Dr Tan said:

“To be a unifying person, I think first you must have acceptance. I cannot just say well, I want to be a unifying figure…let me think more…options will not be closed off just yet.”

He added that he does not intend to start his own political party as there are already too many political parties in Singapore.


  1. TCB should known his former party is no longer working with real grassroots with the huge $1B budget in PA and more in their party machinery. Why try help anyone with his lifw experience and talents on what is evil beyond saving party in the 1st place?

  2. It’s not about too many political party. It is about which party can bring SINGAPORE forward fairly without ridiculous policy maker as is now. It’s about a political party that’s not just fighting PAPies but one that can promise us fairness for tomorrow. Fairness ranging from employment against FT, fairness against being treated, brain-washed that FDW are weaker ppl, whilst employer are the big bullies which is entirely not true. FDWs live in an employer home with high wages, threatens employers & their grandparents or children sometimes even to death. These ppl are from the 3rd world countries they do stuff from illicit sex activities with the neighbour which MOM is not doing anything about making a policy that FDW cannot have sex with any sporean, proliferating AIDS, breaking families up, FDW knowS how to threaten, you give them chicken meat, they demand lamb, beef, food that they want to eat otherwise they will either self destruct or destruct the employer, either way the employer looks bad -why? Because of the way MOM educate the public. They are not apt enough, they are not from the 3rd world and sporean are sheltered bunch without skills to deal with these barbaric behaviours or low moral. We need education on how to handle dangerous FDW not the other way round. This is our country, Spore seems to forget who are their ppl. Instead they are protecting foreigners deeming they are weak. We need policies that disallow FDW off-days, phone, and bad attitude ones. Pick up any FDW phone you will find them laying on your bed, naked pictures send to your neighbour etc. What is this need for phone? If they need to reach their family, use the employer’s phone. What is this need for Offday, go down to lucky plaza, city plaza and you’ll see what they are doing. Rest day can be at home. Instead of crowding around the whole spore on Sunday. What kind of gov is this now? What’s happening to our poor country. Torturing our own ppl to feed foreigners.

    We need policy which help single mom and their offspring to be recognised as a family nuclear and not illegitimate or discrimination of their single parenthood. We need to put a roof over their head as they go through the rough and tough road raising a child that’s biologically theirs albeit the gov do not recognize them now.

    We need media that doesn’t brainwash to make sporean undiscerning.

    It was we who give them food on the table, it is we who give them bodyguards, army for protection, we who give them their power which makes them sovereign to protect or serving us.
    Instead of protection and servitude we are given these punitive in return.
    Studying us understanding our weakness like lions.
    We do not care for these power, we are the outside world and we will let them know not to abuse us this way again, come next GE.

    This is the time to plan, LKY saw & seize an opportunity when his opposing party was weak. We have a very weak, unreasonable, tyrant, greedy party running our country now, stealing the money we work hard for and feeding it to themselves and foreigner buying 39 planes to give US job, whilst retrenching tons of Sporean here. Is this logical to any of you? You may not feel it now, until your pocket is fully empty.

    Drive to any HDB, URA car parks for less than 30 minutes you’ll end up paying close to $2/- have you seen the sign peak hour rates varies, that’s ambiguous peak rates and/or hours.

    Contradicting smart nation, airbnb is the latest technology around the world, instead of coming up with similar technology portal like what china is doing. SG restrict airbnb growth. Airbnb has business model which help ppl own multiple properties without a huge capital outlay, and a passive income towards your retirement. Airbnb opens up opportunity for you to make new friends while earning an extra income if you have a spare room, or space or even a tent (glamping model) or if you want to teach yoga, arts, skills. What did the current party do? They block our opportunity cost. They don’t own the property you’ve invested, and they have a say? And the narrow-minded resident dont own the whole building they own a unit, whether you decided to airbnb it or long term rental, the tenant is entitled to use the facilities, there is absolutely no extra usage be it short or long term. The current party doesn’t have a brain together with the narrow minded ones.
    Gone are the days ppl uses taxi, gone are e days ppl uses hotel, the world is changing instead of embracing we are crying foul. The paradigm is always shifting nothing stays the same, be it tenant, methods, business model or even a party how they rule us, ppl need to challenge what they read, what they hear, and what they see. It’s not difficult to exercise the brain a little, we can learn from everything good or bad.

    • Agree.
      We smokers need him to fight for the smokers right.
      We are being forced until nowhere to smoke.
      Hopefully we can be like the 70 or 80s where smokers can smoke in the cinema and resturant.

    • We are to be blame in trusting the wrong party. We should be on guard from now onwards which party sporean should fund. The sporean with birthrights not those whom they offer citizenship.

  3. So who’s or which party deserve Spore’s funding? We are currently funding the wrong party. We need a party to straighten things out who’s the boss from the mistake that we’ve made.

  4. Original leaders of Singapore equate teamwork. Present leaders of Singapore equate gangwork. We are finish Dr.TCB. With all due respect to you Sir, you are too humble and diplomatic a man, despite having faced a deliberate snook by them.

  5. I hope Dr Tan – my humble suggestion – will contest the next GE with a few good, formidable, capable men/women e. g. Lim Thean, in the Tanjong Pagar or AMK GRC.
    Hopefully the cunning Party won’t increase the distribution of Citizenship Application “flyers” to FT staying in the two GRC.

  6. Everyone can tell he wasn’t given a fair chance for the last presidency election. Rules and regulations were change at the last minute to uphold their empire.why so Kiasu ?

  7. cabinet ministers make all the decisions and policies. some even can change the constitution and over-ride the laws to their political advantage, that’s why they successfully blocked TCB on contesting for pres election. did TCB really think by mentoring few PAP members and they can help to tame the PAP monster? did TCB think PAP members will go out to the public to scold and criticize the PAP?

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