Take a look at your SP Services bill – GST on top of other taxes


Alleged Marxist conspirator, Teo Soh Lung points out that the goods and services tax is imposed upon other taxes in our SP Services bill.

“Do you realise that the tax imposed on water and electricity consumption in Singapore is very high? Just examine this bill of a very careful consumer.

Waterborne fee $4.45
Sanitary Appliance Fee $6.61
Water Conservation Tax $1.34
Total $8.01

On top of these taxes, water and electricity consumption is added GST of $3.11 thus making a total tax of $11.12 or 23.24% of the bill of $47.73.

Taxes are called by various names and Power Supply is smart to call them waterborne fee, sanitary appliance and conservation tax.

Water and electricity are basic essentials and basic rights of human beings. The poor in Singapore pays as much tax as the rich.”