Taiwanese think Chun Cui He milk tea is inferior

A few days ago several news outlets reported on Singaporeans latest food craze – for Chun Cui He – a Taiwanese brand of tea and coffee beverages. The beverage was reportedly flying off the refrigerator shelves in all 7-eleven convenience stores in Singapore. There were even snaking queues formed by customers to get their hands on th product. Shop owners were even advising customers to be considerate and not buy more than 6 bottles at a time.

Facebook user Nic Lim however said that the milk tea is no biggie in the country of its origin – Taiwan.

Posting a picture of unsold products on a shelf, he said: “Hello Singapore, my Taiwanese friends laugh when I tell them about you all are going cray cray over this. The locals here don’t buy it because they think it’s inferior.”

Singaporeans of course has a history of going crazy over tea from Taiwan. Ten years ago, it was bubble tea. And when that bubble burst more than five years ago, Taiwan has made a comeback with the Famous 純萃喝 Chun Cui He.