Asia Taiwanese star Puff Kuo looks similar to Korean artistes like Park Shin...

Taiwanese star Puff Kuo looks similar to Korean artistes like Park Shin Hye and BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Park Shin Hye's doppelganger getting all the attention in Korea




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Taiwaness actress Puff Kuo is becoming very popular lately among Korean netizens due to her similarity to a number of popular Korean celebs.

A viral Korean community post is circling around the web, pointing out the popular star’s similarity to multiple Korean celebrities including Park Shin Hye, IZ*ONE’s Sakura, Son Dambi and Lee Chae Young.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

In some photos, netizens also pointed out her similarity to BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

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They commented about Puff Kuo’s beauty.

“She looks like Son Dambi and Lee Chae Young.”

“I see a little bit of Sakura in there too?”

“She looks really similar to Park Shin Hye.”

“Her eyes sorta look like BLACKPINK’s Lisa.”

Puff Kuo was Heechul’s wife on ‘Global We Got Married’ back in 2014.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

Besides acting, Kuo is also a singer, model and former member of girl group Dream Girls.

Her debut began when she was scouted by talent agents in 2008 and in 2010 she joined Dream Girls.

Dream Girls released their debut EP in 2011 and following that, Kuo appeared in her debut television series, Inborn Pair.

Kuo was a commercial model in 2008 with a TV appearance in a McDonald’s commercial that aired in Taiwan.

She was then discovered by Dorian Entertainment who she signed on as her management company.

Before officially debuting as a group in Dream Girls, Kuo appeared in variety shows such as Guess, 100% Entertainment and Kangxi Lai Le as well as appearing in numerous music videos. -/TISG

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