Swiss Cottage Secondary School disciplines teacher for mocking students’ work on social media


Swiss Cottage Secondary School has reportedly disciplined the teacher who mocked his students’ work on social media. The teacher, Mr Tan, posted photos of his students’ work on Instagram stories with derogatory captions as such:

Mr Tan reportedly became employed at the Ministry of Education in 2016.

Noting that teachers should not conduct themselves in the manner that Mr Tan did, Swiss Cottage revealed that Mr Tan has been counselled and that appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against him.

Mr Tan, who had over 2000 followers – some of whom are believed to be his students – has since shut down his Instagram account.


  1. It’s more a reflection of his own failure as a teacher if his students fail to do well. Instead of spending more time coaching his students to improve , he playing with social media to insult them. What’s he being paid for ?