Survey suggests 4 out of 10 Singaporeans want more proof of allegations against PM Lee in Oxley Spat


Blackbox Research, a local market research consultancy, polled 949 Singaporeans between 27-29 June on the Oxley feud. Results showed that 4 out of 10 respondents want more proof to support the allegations made by Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang in their statement of no confidence against their brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

20% of respondents said that the allegations against PM Lee are more than likely to be true while 15% of those polled found the claims made by the PM’s siblings likely to be false.

Another 15% of all respondents found the spat to be “very confusing.” 11% of respondents indicated that they simply didn’t care about the matter.

Additionally, the results of the survey showed that:

  • Over half of those polled believed that the public spat hurt Singapore’s international image a little, while 32% believed that Singapore’s international image has been significantly damaged.
  • 12% of respondents showed faith that the special ministerial committee that has convened is the best forum to settle the matter. 23% of respondents felt that a new independent committee will be the most appropriate panel to provide closure, while 22% felt that settling the issue is best left to the courts.
  • Nearly half of all respondents, 49%, believed that the house should be demolished as opposed to 27% who said the house should remain standing.
  • More than half of those polled believed that Lee Kuan Yew intended for the house to be demolished after his passing. In contrast, 18% believe he may have changed his mind on the matter.
  • A whopping majority of 88% of respondents voted that the house should be demolished should a court of law declare that Lee Kuan Yew was of sound mind, without undue pressure of influence, when he signed his final will.



  1. If he’s of unsound mind when he signed the will, the Parliament got more to answer to us on why he still entitled to millions of salary until his death?

    • Blackbox you are an asshole. Who doesn’t know how to conduct your survey. Come out to the residence in the hot sun and raining days to do your survey. Why are you siting inside your fk office and talking

  2. PM Lee has messed up himself, his family n the nation. If he had put the interest of the nation before his, his family n pap, the he would have stuck to the original agreement he had with his siblings. His ardent intent on preserving the house for his, his family n pap political ambition goes directly against the wishes of his father.

  3. All the wayang just for a house. Come on!!! There is more to LKY’s legacy than a house. The very success of Singapore is his life long work and legacy which I hope his eldest is not out to diminish!!!

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