Students from neighbourhood secondary school in Yishun blamed for promiscuous behaviour


Facebook user Gwen Tan in sharing several pictures of a dirty common corridor on the 6th floor of Block 317C Yishun Avenue 9 held some secondary school students from a neighbourhood school responsible for it. She claimed the students who gathered outside a particular unit on the floor not only dirtied the common corridor, but also acted in promiscuous manner.

She said that she would often find cigarette butts and condoms strewn on the floor of the lift lobby and that reports to the town councils and police has not improved the situation. She further alleged that the students discarded two terrapins in the rubbish bin area, and that one died by the next morning stinking up the entire place.

A netizen who responded to Gwen’s post said that she has seen students from the secondary school smoking openly around the block. Gwen said that she was going to escalate the matter directly to the school.

Hi, I am writing this post on behalf for those daily life is affected due to some inconsiderate rebellious young…

Posted by Gwen Tan on Wednesday, 24 May 2017