Struggling single mother holding down multiple jobs moved to tears when kind Singaporean man tips her $2000


A single mother from Malaysia working in Singapore has been struggling to make ends meet and trying to hold down multiple jobs to support her young children after her Singaporean husband abandoned them.

She was having a particularly hard time last week when a customer’s kind generosity moved her to tears.

The 37-year-old woman, who declined to be named fearing that she will be fired from her job at a Katong restaurant, shared her story with reporters. She revealed that she had been struggling to pay childcare fees and had just started her shift at the restaurant after cleaning three houses when the man approached her:

“I came to Singapore 10 years ago and am currently a Permanent Resident. My kids are aged five and six. My ex-husband, a Singaporean, left me for a girl from China.
“Earlier this week, a couple who are regulars in the place that I work in, came in and ordered their usual soup and food, and one coke.
“I was clearing their table after they finished their meal, when the guy casually asked why I looked rather sad as usually I’m very cheerful. Previously, we had casually chatted a few times and he noticed that I am holding down many odd jobs and am working very hard as a single mother.
“I told him that my kids’ childcare fees was due and I was having issues, but I just had to work harder.
“He then smiled and asked for the bill. The total bill was $66.
“After I went to the counter to swipe his Visa card, I realized he had placed his Visa card and two $1,000 notes into the bill folder.
“Feeling puzzled, I thought he had made a mistake and accidentally left the two pieces of $1000 notes inside. When I passed the receipt for him to sign, I returned it to him.
“That’s when he told me something I will never forget. He said, “No it’s not a mistake, we have two hands, one is to work hard and the other is to help others.
“I cried after they left. I wanted to thank him and I saw the name on his credit card. I would like to say my deepest thanks to him as it helped to tide me over for my kids’ school fees.”


  1. Are Singaporeans aware that our government give training award to foreigners to study at our college, polytechnic and universities plus giving the young foreigners $2000 monthly living allowances for 3 years of study ?
    Go to Nex Serangoon, you will see the students queue up at 18 chef, Ding Tai Fung and Putien restaurants on weekdays

  2. The single mother abandoned by her Singaporean ex husband needs help desperately as she will most likely collapse due to exhaustion of holding multiple jobs to feed her two children. The couple are angels helping her but she needs more help in her dire situation.

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