Stool smashes into car along CTE shattering windscreen – driver swallows glass shards


Facebook user Carlers Thio II shared several pictures of an accident which happened on Monday, 8 May. The accident happened along the CTE towards Seletar, a little bit past midnight, when a a red plastic stool hit the car Carlers was in, and shattered its windscreen.

CTE stands for *Chair Throwing Expressway* Literally a stool just fell from the sky and smash towards the car🤦🏻‍♀️

Posted by Carlers Thio II on Monday, 8 May 2017

Describing the incident Carlers said: “We were driving on the CTE and right before we entered the Chin Swee tunnel, a red stool fell from above.” Her friend Alex Chang (32) was driving the car.

The 24-year-old Carlers works as a DJ at LUXI Dolls club, said she has no idea where the chair came from, but it shattered the car’s windscreen and severely injured Alex.

“He screamed and swallowed little pieces of glass. I saw the chair from far. I saw it drop from above but I thought it was a red plastic bag,” she said. Carlers herself suffered neck pain and whiplash.

Carlers said she was lucky that she was alone with Alex at the time of the accident. “Usually my baby is with me but thank God that day it was after work so my baby was not with me. Now when we drive, right before we go into a tunnel we will look out.”

The Singapore Civil Defence Officers who responded to the accident conveyed Alex to the hospital. The police are investigating the incident.