ST and CNA omit mentioning that Orchard Rd pickpockets are Filipinas


Three Filipinas between the ages of 31 and 39 were arrested last Friday for their alleged involvement in a series of pickpocketing offences at Orchard Road.

The police said in a press release on Saturday, 23 Dec, that two victims reported that their wallets had been stolen from their purses while another victim reported that her mobile phone was stolen the day before the arrests were made, on Thursday.

The police recovered S$1,117 cash, three mobile phones, an Internet banking dongle and an EZ-link card, among other items, when the arrests were made. The authorities added:


“Preliminary investigations suggest that the three women had collaborated to distract the victims before stealing their valuables. They are also believed to be involved in several other cases of pickpocketing.”

Interestingly both Singapore Press Holdings’ English daily The Straits Times and Mediacorp’s Channel News Asia omitted reporting the nationalities of the suspects, leading netizens to question the omission:

Only Mediacorp’s TODAY reported the nationalities of the suspects. The online news publication reported that a “Filipino gang” had been arrested by the police but later edited their headline to omit the word ‘Filipino’ from the title. The URL of the article still contained the omitted word, despite the amendment in the headline:


  1. What to do. The white dogs need the votes frm these imported trash who hv proven to be loyal PLPs. I bet very soon pinkie will build a spanking new mega shopping centre for them named as PutTank In A Mall !

  2. Reporting on the offences committed by Singaporeans or foreigners help us to identify or compute the figures of crimes, i.e. whether there is an increase of foreigners’ offenders in Sinkapoor.

    • Agree! That’s how the white termite gang inbuilt system work …..discrete intimidation and bullying of own citizen !
      white termite gang welcoming FTs to build enclave within their organization to belittle true blue Singaporean, support and encourage FTs to take away Singaporean’s lively hood ! This is the adverse results of their irresponsible making of “open leg policy” over the many years!!!! for their own selfish interest!!!

    • When we have majority of stupid citizens here, that’s how singapore will go backwards to 3rd world. Just too many stupid dumb citizens and new citizens now a days voting for their own death Sentence.

  3. We need to be “open minded”, are we over sensitive to nationality? What’s wrong to mention the country where they come from? There is no need to hide the nationality.

    Little India riot cause by who? Bangladeshi.
    Pick pockets in Orchard road – foreigners?? Pinoy.

    Maids borrow money from loanshark.
    Where are the maids from?
    And they become runners for them.

    Some bias in news reporting.
    Shame sinkaporeans only. This is how they write.

    Give FT or and sillyzen, protect them.
    Shame sinkaporeans.

  4. S’PORE is to keep up the righteous n REAL news to it standard. Nor wonder its name n standard drop to 154th rank. Haha….again double standard law. What a shame…. Seems that S’pore is so afraid of other countries!!!!!!!!! Wondering is it S’pore only have force power on only its LOCALS BREED but not to foreigners who BREAK the country laws???? No wonder getting more n more foreigners disrespect S’pore n the govt.

  5. You know what TCH,the DPM in charge of security, will say”Please understand our constraint, Police is still conducting investigation the case.we can’t tell you more………..WTF!

  6. At least the term ‘pickpocket’ was used to describe the crime unlike the taiji master who would have phrased it as ‘hand came in contact with the pocket’…….in smrt incident

  7. What a very poor singapore government this is. More foreign worker in singapore more crime. Singaporean be victims and police always screen and do random check at locals.. what a shameful country. In this case one day terrorist will getting more in singapore. SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTED!!!!

  8. Any parties either from PAP WP or any take over still will be the same.. unless they kickout all the foreigner that from india china bangladesh filipana thailand all out.. police officer patrol in group of 4 but not doin anything just act to be handsome walk blindly.. what a cowards behaviour for government

  9. Nothing surprising every year at this time they are here to commit crime. Seen them a few times in shopping malls during the past years in few groups. Yes. They are filipinos
    Nothing secret.

  10. Why do they need to hide facts – the truth? Because this government is paranoid, kiasu, and jst plain sicko!! You have the power to change this thru your vote!

  11. So now is Filipino gang theives… What next? Gang control region like mafia n drug lords…? If we don’t look into this seriously, it will spread like diseases n become difficult to control.

  12. By omitting the nationality it goes to show much hipocracy from our ST journalists & also professionalism missing here. Never leave out important facts like this if reporting news if u want to do a job properly. Otherwise it it very amateur. Our present standards have dropped for something so straight forward as this. What is there to hide?

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