S’poreans skeptical that Johor govt proposes 3rd link, a bridge to Pulau Ubin

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Many Singaporeans and netizens have expressed their unhappiness and wishes for Pulau Ubin to remain untouched. Their sentiments came after the Johor state government expressed interest in a bridge built directly to Singapore’s Pulau Ubin.

This will be the third link between Malaysia and Singapore, and will be built on Johor’s eastern flank.

According to Johor Chief Minister Osman Sapian, the proposed route for the bridge would be from the Sungai Rengit area in Pengerang, Kota Tinggi district to Pulau Ubin.

Datuk Osman said, “Yesterday I had a discussion with several interested parties. From the discussion, there is likely to be a third link in eastern Johor that will link to Pulau Ubin in Singapore”.

He continued adding, “It will be developed like the Second Link crossing”.

Datuk Osman also said that the state government, which is formed by Malaysia’s ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition, will send a proposal to the federal government on the matter before further plans can be made.

The third link was suggested in order to deal with increasing traffic on the Causeway in Johor Bahru, and the Second Link crossing from Tuas to Gelang Patah.

There have been previous proposals for a third link, with suggestions of one from Pasir Gudang to Changi airport in 2016, that did not move past the discussion stage.

Singaporeans expressed much reluctance towards a third link. Some even suggested Pulau Tekong instead of Pulau Ubin for the bridge to be connected to.