S’pore Embassy in China approves visa of schizophrenic PRC woman to come to SG


A PRC woman, Chang Lihui, was sentenced to 24 days’ jail for assaulting an SIA counter staff at Changi Airport.

Schizophrenic Chinese national jailed for assaulting SIA staff after being denied entry on flight due to her own mistake

The court heard on Mon (24 Jul) that Chang had gone to Changi Airport on 11 Jun. At the counter, Chang handed her passport and a credit card to an SIA staff. However, the staff observed that the credit card was not under Chang’s name and hence, was not able to issue the boarding pass.

When asked who the owner of the credit card was, Chang replied that it belonged to a family member in Beijing. She could not verify who the person was nor verify whether the owner had consented to the purchase.

The staff then advised Chang to inform the owner to contact the SIA office in China so as to confirm that the owner had consented to the purchase. Chang replied she did not have a mobile phone with her and was unable to contact the person.

Unable to get her boarding pass, Chang started shouting and abusing the counter staff. When she asked for a refund, the staff replied that it would take two to three weeks to process the request. Chang became even angrier and while the staff was on the phone with her supervisor, Chang picked up a “Counter Closed” sign and threw at the staff. The staff was hit in her face with blood streaming down.

Chang left the scene but was subsequently arrested at her hotel the next day. An IMH psychiatrist who diagnosed Chang said that she has schizophrenia but was not of unsound mind at the time of the offence.

All PRCs require visa for social visits

According to the ICA website, PRCs who want to visit Singapore are required to apply for a visa.


And according to the MFA website, PRCs in China would need to submit their visa application to the “Authorised Visa Agents” before being approved by the Singapore Embassy in China.

“Please approach our Authorised Visa Agents for your visa application. The Singapore Embassy in Beijing and our Consulates-General in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xiamen have ceased to accept walk-in visa applications with effect from 8 Dec 2014,” MFA website said.


Whatever it is, it seems that the Singapore government is so hungry for foreigners that even those with mental issues are welcomed here.



  1. May I know how could the Singapore embassy in Beijing know that this woman is schizophrenic? If they can’t then your headline is bias. Ps I’m no fan of the gahmen k. But play fair

      • it is definitely the embassy’s fault, as they have outsourced their work to ‘authorised’ agents.
        who are these agents? are they trained? are they on the take?
        you go to anerican embassy, their visa officers really interview potential visitors.

    • I’m not saying that the govt plays fair. They don’t. Play fair here is to the independent. Their headlines implies at least to me that it’s the embassy’s fault that the visa was issued to a schizophrenic

    • There is no health check required to apply for visa in any country. It’s a discrimination not to issue visa to people with illness that is not contagious.

    • In other first world countries, e.g the US, they conduct thorough interview of applicants b4 issuing visa. If the person is mad, you would hv noticed during the interview.

  2. Don’t be surprised that China would send 1million cripple and 1 million PRC schizophrenic to Singapore for good for they know the Singapore law’s loopholes where our government welcomes them with open arms.

  3. Clickbait that demonises mental health issues is morally bankrupt. Perhaps this lady was using a family member’s credit card because she didn’t have one of her own as she didn’t have a job. Perhaps this was because of her condition? Perhaps she was here seeking treatment?
    This is an excellent example of sloppy journalism: using reported speech to quote a website is bad grammar at best and misrepresentation at worst. However, it doesn’t end there, who is the author of the piece? Someone with a definite axe to grind makes for poor journalism. Unfollowing.

    • Obviously u r not thinking. A mad person seeking treatment here with no one accompanying? If I am the officer at the embassy, I would be asking who would be accompanying her to sg

    • As the article said, “An IMH psychiatrist who diagnosed Chang said that she has schizophrenia but was not of unsound mind at the time of the offence.” Therefore chaperone not required. Madness is a label, schizophrenia is a diagnosis.

    • you have twisted the headline and jumped to conclusions. no one is demonising mental illness.
      BUT why let her come to sg? if she has not been granted the visa, she would not have gotten into trouble.
      the sg embassy is at fault.

  4. Oi, editor, wrong focus and story angle lah. Should focus on how some of these China folks exhibit loutish behaviour like those infamous incidents in their home country’s airports.

  5. Haha why are you angry mr. gamen alias dumdum with mental issues? Isn’t it out of your own doing? With many mental fatality rate that are employed at our own expense and the social problem arise from the influx of foreign uncultured trashes?? Ownself check ownself lah

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