SPF: Girl who accused Eden Ang of sexual harassment made false allegations against police officers

Kuroe Kun (left) Eden Ang (right)

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) revealed yesterday that the girl who accused Singaporean YouTuber Eden Ang of sexual harassment online made false allegations against police officers.

Local cosplayer Kuroe Kun accused Eden Ang of inappropriately touching her 18-year-old friend against her will in a Facebook post that went viral after it was published last Thursday.

The friend further alleged that the 18-year-old girl tried to make a police report but that the police officer who attended to her asserted that the incident was consensual and indicated that the incident was the alleged victim’s fault due to the way she was dressed.

She added that the Investigating Officer told the alleged victim, “it’s your fault,” and called the officer’s values and morals into question. Kun then asserted: “a strong woman that took the courage to come to you to report. But you turned her away. I am disgusted with you.”:

The SPF not only debunked the allegations that an officer blamed the 18-year-old and turned her away, it also revealed that the 18-year-old “has not been forthcoming in her accounts to the Police and has yet to make a police report, despite our continual efforts to reach out to her.”

The Force clarified that internal investigations showed that the officer in question did not turn the 18-year-old away and that he carried out his duty professionally. Kun’s friend, instead, “informed the IO of her own accord that she needed time to consider about lodging a police report”:

“A netizen, Kuroe Kun, posted online on 25 January 2018 that her female friend was allegedly molested. In her post, Kuroe Kun also made allegations against an Investigation Officer (IO) from Clementi Police Division. These are serious allegations against the IO, and we have looked into it. We wish to clarify that the allegations are unfounded and false. The IO carried out his duty professionally when he attended to the female friend. The IO did not make any insensitive remarks, contrary to what has been alleged by Kuroe Kun. Neither did the IO turn Kuroe Kun’s female friend away. Rather, the female friend informed the IO of her own accord that she needed time to consider about lodging a police report
“Following Kuroe Kun’s online post, the Police have requested Kuroe Kun’s female friend to come forward to lodge a report. However, she has not been forthcoming in her accounts to the Police and has yet to make a police report, despite our continual efforts to reach out to her.
“The Police take a very serious view of all complaints or allegations made against our officers. Such complaints will be thoroughly investigated and if substantiated, the Police will not hesitate to take action against any errant officer. However, we also cannot condone malicious allegations against the Police. If the allegations are found to be false and made maliciously, appropriate action in accordance with the law will be taken.
“The Police urge members of the public to post information online responsibly. We also urge the public not to speculate or spread unsubstantiated information.”

Netizens responding to the SPF’s clarification have called for action to be taken against Kun and the 18-year-old to serve as a deterrent so that others would not make such false allegations:

David LeeArrest them if they are found to have falsely alleged the police. This serves as a deterrent.

Silvester Chua: This is a serious allegation against the officer. If proven not true, deterrent action must be taken the one involved.

Conan Enable: I think a false accusation against the police should definitely be charged until obstruction of justice, libel, and slander. I think a hefty fine or a short jail term should be levied. On another note, I’m shocked that asking someone to call you daddy is sexual harassment? Can the police clarify? That seems ridiculous and completing undermining what sexual harassment actually is.

Gabriel Seah: This reduces the credibility of the original accusations

Alex Johnson: There are too many feminists in this country.. please dont let it be another UK where mens rights are gone. Feminists should be punished especially for false allegations and demonizint men

David Lee: Arrest them if they are found to have falsely alleged the police. This serves as a deterrent.

Chia Johan: Just arrest and charge them for making false statements. Problem solved.

Michael Chan: Charged those who made false allegations against our public servants and for wasting SPF time.

Edmund Khor: arrest the two girls for making false allegations on the Police!

Eden Ang called the accusations “malicious” when they were first made online and lodged a police report over the matter. In a subsequent statement on Sunday, Ang asserted that his conscience is clear.

He added that he is fully cooperating with the authorities and said that he is “seeking legal counsel against parties who continue to intentionally aggravate and hurt me and my loved ones with these malicious accusations.”

Eden Ang is considering legal action against those who intentionally hurt him with “malicious accusations”


  1. She made such allegations about the police, is she aware that’s a indictable offence and can land one in jail? If such events really transpire I really hope she gets prosecuted to the full extent cos this type of snowflake no big no small. If her parents will not teach her a good upbringing, I am sure the Prison Services will suffice.

  2. this is what happen when society is too protective of their women; they start to make false allegation or exaggerate the truth because they know that people will always be on their side and the men is usually guilty until proven otherwise

  3. The Singapore police are the most incompetent police I’ve ever come across and I’ve lived in several different countries/cities. I believe the woman and its time for Singaporeans to stop being scared little bitches and stand up against your corrupt society that you idiots are too blind to see. Like why do you need a President “AND” a Prime Minister that both make over $3 million dollars a year in tax payer money? Oh, its because Singaporeans are puppets that stand their place in line and obey.