Speeding car hits boy dashing across the road during red light

The accident was shown on a 10-second video clip that went viral on May 14, the video was posted on the Roads.sg Facebook page

Photo: You Tube screen grab from StormsFishingNMore

A school boy raced across the road with his backpack and ended up getting hit by a car on the last lane. The accident was shown on a 10-second video clip that went viral Tuesday (May 14). The viral video was posted on the Roads.sg Facebook page which was contributed by a witness who allegedly saw the accident taking place along Lower Delta Road towards the AYE at 9am.

According to Stomp, the police confirmed that they received a report of an accident involving a car and a pedestrian on Lower Delta Road towards Telok Blangah Road at 9am, and investigations are still ongoing.

A number of netizens have expressed their concern for the boy and his well-being, hoping that he will recover soon. Meanwhile, the administrators of Roads.sg are requesting drivers to be cautious when driving, especially at traffic junctions or crossings.

Road accidents in SG

According to an article published at Yahoo News Singapore, the number of disastrous traffic accidents in Singapore rose slightly in 2018.

Based on the figures released, there were 120 fatal accidents in 2018 compared with 117 in 2017, an increase of 2.6%. The road traffic fatality rate per 100,000 members of population also increased slightly to 2.20 in 2018, from 2.16 in 2017.

Nevertheless, the total number of accidents resulting in injuries dropped by 0.5 per cent, from 7,726 cases in 2017 to 7,690 in 2018.

“The road traffic accident situation in 2018 remained stable,” said the police.

“While there were fewer speeding violations and related accidents, there were increases in the number of red-light running violations and related accidents, as well as drink-driving related accidents. Elderly pedestrians and motorcyclists continue to be of concern,” authorities said./-TISG