Social activist starts ‘Poor People Campaign’


Prominent social activist Gilbert Goh has started a Poor People’s Campaign to help underprivileged families. To kickstart the campaign, Gilbert and his welfare organisation, Transitioning, visited a 1-room rental flat in Ang Mo Kio.

He pointed out that the family which has a 2-year-old girl in it, has an outstanding utilities bull of $475. The breadwinner earns barely $1,000 monthly. Gilbert said that with the 30 percent hike in water prices, such families will face further financial crisis.

Visited pretty 2-year-old Ariana at her 1-room rental flat in Ang Mo Kio.Her breadwinner father earns $1000 as a…

Posted by Gilbert Goh on Friday, 7 April 2017

Just in case you can’t see Gilbert’s post, this is what he said.

Visited pretty 2-year-old Ariana at her 1-room rental flat in Ang Mo Kio.

Her breadwinner father earns $1000 as a cleaner and owes $475 in their SP bill which triggers a water reduction letter from PUB.

They are also using top-up PayU for power supply.

With the recent 30% in water price hike, we anticipate that many needy families will face water flow reduction in the near future.

Everything in the house is hand-me-down but they are thankful for what they have having lived in the open for 2 over years as homeless migrants.

Their second-hand washing machine is also all rusty and cranky probably in need of a replacement soon.

Despite their personal ordeal, the family keeps stray cats as animal rescuers probably knowing how it feels to have no roof over their head from the elements. People donated cat food for their charitable efforts.

If you feel like helping this needy family, please let us know or you can go to any AXS machine and pay directly into the family’s SP account so they can have humane water supply.

Poor People Campaign – a ground-up initiative to improve the quality of living standard for our poor people.