SMRT Trains Chief Operations Officer was with a Chinese woman at the time of arrest for drink driving


More details surrounding the arrest of SMRT Chief Operations Officer for rail have been emerging. The senior executive, 50-year-old Alvin Kek, was arrested at Woodlands Checkpoint on Saturday morning for drink driving.

According to the Chinese daily, Kek was with a female passenger from China when he was arrested. Both Kek and the female passenger, who is believed to be in her 30s, did not bring their passports with them as they allegedly did not have the intention to drive into Malaysia.

The Chinese daily reported that Kek allegedly believed he was driving home, only to find himself at Woodlands checkpoint.

Kek is presently out on bail and deleted his social media accounts one day after his arrest. Reporters even visited the home of Kek and saw two boys and a woman in her 40s, who is believed to be Kek’s wife, entering Kek’s home.

One of the group’s top executives, Kek was just promoted to chief operations officer for rail from his former post as senior vice-president for rail operations two months ago, on 1 Feb 2018.

Kek, who has been working for SMRT since 2013, presently oversees rail operations along the North-South and East-West Lines, the Circle Line and the Bukit Panjang LRT network. Prior to his employment with SMRT, he was a colonel and a chief engineering officer with the Singapore Armed Forces, where he spent 14 years.

Shortly before his arrest, Kek had delivered a talk on how accountability and teamwork can help ensure safety, at an SMRT event.

When news of Kek’s arrest broke, SMRT’s vice-president for corporate communications Margaret Teo told reporters: “This matter is currently under police investigation. It is not appropriate for the company to comment as it concerns a personal matter. We request that the privacy of our staff, especially under the circumstances of his recent bereavement, be respected.”

It is believed that Kek’s father passed away recently.

Chief Operations Officer of SMRT Trains arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint


  1. What his wife has to say about that? Then what his employer, the government has to say about that? Then will someone stir in grave? Then… Then… Then will the Generals leave SMRT alone? Then will they be confined in barracks? Then will their salaries he reduced? Then.,. Then.,.

  2. Excusese,excuses,excuses……OK.LAH
    Super clean records,paper scholars maybe. So most probably stern warning, a slap on the wrist and small amount summons. End of the day goes home happily ever after to family. Oh the lady companion is wife business partner lah. No harm done. All forgiven.

  3. Drink until high liao wanna go JB for short time but kenna caught.
    Then realise didn’t have passport..

    He must have told himself..WTF…KNN…why drive to checkpoint moreover didn’t bring passport….
    Really damn suey..
    The china lady high already what just want to song and also didn’t realise he drive her to checkpoint…
    Must be fucking him like hell now.

  4. Drink driving is already a serious offense and can amount to jail term with a hefty fine !!! Who cares if you are going JB or not ….. the problem with these so-called elites is that they think upon themselves as “perfect” beings and in events of happenings gone wrong , will fine 1001 excuses to cover up ? Whereas for other ppl , little little matter , seek for public apology and such ?….
    This is yours truely Sinkiepore .

  5. What a story to spin. Talk about news being distorted. I don’t know why the ST won’t just tell it like it is.
    Simply that he was with a Female Chinese National who was not his Wife and driving into JB in the early hours of the morning. Seriously I find it hard to swallow the story that they didn’t have their passports with them and that they made the wrong turn. I do hope that the Police don’t try to soften the whole episode. Questions to be asked: Did he take a breath analyser test and was he sent to the Hospital for a proper blood test. Let’s hope that there is fair play and let the law take its natural course. I think there is more to it than meets The Eye.
    The public is waiting to see if an elite is treated differently and I hope the G does not give the impression to its citizens that there are two different sets of laws one for the elites and the other for the ordinary man in the street. I wonder what “our great defender of the truth” Mr Shanmugam has got to say about this with him being the Home Affairs Minister and all that.