SMRT slammed for not informing commuters of latest train service delays


Commuters have slammed SMRT for failing to provide updates or information about the delays to commuters at affected stations or online so that they can be better prepared for what is quickly becoming daily breakdowns in SMRT train lines.

Various varying accounts by commuters online point to a service breakdown yesterday evening or this morning originating from Bishan and affecting all south-bound trains on the North-East line. Another breakdown on East-West line from Dover was also reported. However, no news of these was released by SMRT.

SMRT last tweeted that services on the East-West line have resumed after yesterday’s breakdown, 24 hours ago.

Commuters were quick to call the largest train transit organisation in Singapore out:

For more timely updates of service breakdowns, visit a page like MRT disruption feed which aggregates commuter feedback online.


  1. Cannot announce lah; ex-SMRT director Halimah Yaccob running (or RIGGED?) to be Prez guarding our national reserves.
    If pple start linking Halimah Yacob’s svc in SMRT to the current mess (left by her & Saw Phaik Hwa) not nice to the 2 goons who installed them in SMRT.

  2. Still trying to cover up. ‍♂️ they never learn because they are too stubborn to change and make improvement. Just like current govt, holding everyone back for personal agenda and benefits. Lol

  3. Nowadays they don’t need to announce because the minute you see long Qs before the train arrive, and each arriving train is jam packed and u cannot board train after train, u know there’s a reliability issue.
    And when one cannot go into the station, will be an unreliable situation.
    Their SMRT staff are also tired of announcing…hahaha.

  4. Paying millions for smrt executives and still unable to solve these problems yet still bullshitting about reliability stats. How Long more of this sub standards do Singaporeans have to bear?

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