SMRT publicises rising satisfaction in bus and cab services; leaves out data in same report of decline in MRT ratings


As SMRT’s public relations team combats brickbats online due to not providing adequate and sufficient updates on train service disruptions, its last attempt to put a positive spin on a customer satisfaction report has also backfired.

The team managing the organisation’s Facebook page posted an update yesterday, informing customers of rising customer satisfaction levels in its bus and taxi services.

Although the group acknowledged the difficulties commuters face as train delays and disruptions have become an almost daily affair, it largely left out data in the same service satisfaction report it linked that asserted that satisfaction scores for SMRT’s train services are on the decline.

According to the report, customer rating on the reliability of trains is on a year-on-year decline.

This all-time low is almost certainly due to the increasingly frequent train service breakdowns, with the latest breakdown affecting services on the East-West, Downtown and North-South lines during peak hours today, inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of commuters – most notably primary six students taking their first Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) test nationwide.

Netizens were quick to call SMRT out for “picking the good things to say when there is a serious problem with the system”:

Henry Lai: Your core business is running the mrt train operations…there would be scant consolation when your other secondary businesses like taxis and buses improves …

And also, have you heard the voices from the ground beseeching your management to buck up on your communication (of train delays bit )? Or you choose to pretend not to hear?

Rex King: No sense of shame. It’s bad enough that the MRT service has gone from bad to worse. Now we still have to tolerate your own delusional self-praise.

Lynn Ashley Sim: Why talk about the improvement when the reports also mentioned the declining satisfaction in the train service? Stop picking the good things to say when there is a serious problem with the system.

Gath Cho: Ownself CHECK ownself…. Confirm pass with flying colors lah…. Wah Liao eh…..

Hwee Teng Lee: If it is improving, just keep quiet because you will jinx it.

We are pleased to note that the customer satisfaction scores for SMRT’s bus and taxi services continue to improve. We…

Posted by SMRT on Wednesday, 27 September 2017




    • LKY is not known to be a good judge of people. See the number of missteps he made after the 1st gen leaders stepped down. He appoints those who are tripods or his famiLEE!

    • I agree. Look how he groomed his son LHL to become corrupted and depraved of moral values. Like father like son. Now LHL has groomed the whole Govt to be just as corrupted and depraved of moral values.

    • What to do?

      Good and capable people don’t want to step up?

      What we are left are a bunch of people who are there because of a business transaction.

      Its Singapore, Inc after all.

      Can we blame our leaders?

      When they are perceived to do wrong, people just keep quiet and accept.

      For past50 odd years people keep wanting more of the same.

      Even at Bukit Batok, we still want more of the same.

      The noise generated from PE, the peoplewould still ended with the same person.

      We blame everyone and anything else but we don’t blame ourselves.




    • usual for him whenever there was a problem, just like during the very bad haze, Sabah earthquake. Unfortunately, he open his big mouth when he should not on TPP and South China Sea, which got all of us into so much trouble.

  1. How you wayang also not use, the fact is mrt keep breaking down. Wayang also cannot cover your ass. Pack n go back kumpung exchange rate now is $1 to MR 3.1 go back kumpung u can live like a duke with so many yrs here.

  2. Sometimes I really wonder whether those “improvement” data and reports are for the passengers (who are clearly still unsatisfied) or for the Minister’s boss – LHL. I tend to believe in the latter cause LHL doesn’t take public transport and will rely on data and reports. Makes sense right!?

  3. Its bad enough that your incompetency and “Bo-Chap” attitude in serving the people of Majullah Singapura is less deserving then your millions $$$ in blood money. Well its High time we take their millions of our money back where it belong, our CPF. Lets VTO! VTO! ITs ours the right of Majullah Singapura, and our families that have taken a toil in making this country great!! ITs ours to chose the “People people” with the heart to serve the VOTERS FIRST, of our well being! NOT the FOREIGN TRASH! Take back from the people who sold us out with their hypocrisy and lies for the lust of greed and power. Beware of the cowardliness 70% who willing to pawn their soul for
    mere worldly wealth.KNN

  4. Performance Management is owned by every head of the company or Ministry. In not reporting the challenges, it is clearly evident that SMRT is not a credible company in the slightest. And this is where the rot is found – TOP of the ladder. And of course when this sort of management reporting is allowed, it goes further up to the highest level where blinding gaps are allowed to occur.

  5. You guys have really gone too far this time and I HAVE LOST ALL THE RESPECT I HAD FOR YOU!!!

    I understand when media channels like Straits Times focus on just 1 aspect of the report to make the story more exciting but you guys were supposed to be better than that and serve as the countercheck but your caption is an outright lie!!!

    The SMRT screenshot that you posted clearly shows SMRT apologizing for the recent breakdowns and they even apologized for the fault this morning shortly after it happened…

    I don’t know what you are trying to achieve…all I can say is that I am really disappointed in what you have become because lying is never justified ☹️

  6. Kao! Today suppose to happy today end up lost face in front of my bros cos of you lor!

    You not happy also dun peng wei until like that la…I told them about what you says than they laugh at me…I can’t belive that I trusts people like you who are paid to whack the govt…pui la…

  7. is it just the mrt or worse? Many things are failing. I personally think it the way the system works. By giving work to the lowest bid, the vendor have to cut cost somewhere in materials and labour. In many cases, the person awarding the tender does not have the training in the specific field. Everyone who have a car knows what happens if you use cheap imitation parts, especially after years of using cheap imitation parts

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