SMRT Project Manager likens commuters who complain about MRT disruptions to “terrorists”


An SMRT project manager, Indira Devi, has likened people who complain about persistent MRT disruptions as “terrorists” in a Facebook post yesterday.

This comes after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan and the top brass of transport operator SMRT have come out to express their dissapointment over the issues plaguing the public train system, in the wake of the Oct 7 MRT tunnel flooding incident that inconvenienced a quarter of a million commuters and the MRT collision last week where at least 38 people were injured.

Showering praises upon SMRT CEO Desmond Quek, Devi – who presently works as a project manager at Infocomm and Organisation Excellence at SMRT according to her LinkedIn profile – also alleged that people who complain about train issues are likely not Singaporeans.

This is particularly interesting since Devi’s LinkedIn profile shows that she studied at the Ghousia College Of Engineering and the National Institute of Information Technology – colleges from India. This means that she is likely a newer citizen, if she is a citizen of Singapore at all.

Devi’s post comes after an independent research survey conducted by market research firm Blackbox that shows that 65 percent of Singaporeans do not think the MRT system is run well.

Devi has since deleted or made her inflammatory post private. View screenshots of her original post here:


  1. < ....This means that she is likely a newer citizen, if she is a citizen of Singapore at all.>
    A RC contact told me there r foreigners signing up to be NC (Neighbourhood Committees) &/ RC members to score some marks on their resumes to increase the chance of them getting PRs/citizenships though most never turn up for activities unless the MPs/Ministers r attending; I can’t vouch for what he said, but some pple may know if it’s true.

  2. She 100% never deal with any forms of simulation exercise terrorist or terrorism that is nicely talk with SMRT CEO a $2.5m not including bonuses “terrorist” who ok the daily endangering of MRT trai commuters when test are not properly done with protection software removed which a manufacturer will do unless requested to allow the aging Westinghouse analogue signal system to be use in conjunction with the aging CT-151 trains!

    • She us likely a so called project manager who has never been to an actual project site to co-ordinate and supervise, looking at the way she dresses, she sits in an air cin room and orders others to do the actual works. Went things go wrong, find a scapegote to fire, but when good things happen, she takes all the credit…..better just tah poa herself and go back to india and ask the cows how to retify smrt issues…

  3. Trash talking trash!!! Surprised??? F©%king waste my time. Knows how to collect increased fare years after years, still short changing the public with low class service & excuses!!!

    • Don’t be mad, that’s their ‘culture’. Now you understand why there are so many breakdowns? With such employees, SMRT is doomed. One of the few should get the sack if the company can be saved.

  4. Another incompetent employees at SMRT. She must be a member of the terrorist group that are causing all the breakdowns, delays, accidents and collusion.

    • No lah… Loong is a 公子, in Chinese… … 他会有公子的性格,屡次政治上公开执意下台,此人必有此心。












  5. When something goes wrong or something is not right…it does not matter who the complainant is…be it a foreigners or local bred Singaporean. The crux of the matter is that the system. .the MRT system had gone wrong once too many….it doesn’t matters who the passengers are in the train…the train is meant to transport anyone regardless of their citizenship…if I am a foreigner working in Singapore and I commute by train. When the train breaks down, I also can get angry. If I am injured in the train collision, are you going to ask me why you foreigners are in the train. Don’t try to avoid and deny responsiblity. Don’t push the blame to others. .you may end up like a clown, polishing your boss two apples. Take the cow by it horns and face it like a true hero…but alas..I see that you all there in SMRT…are Cowards…are Cowards die many times before their actual death.

  6. She is absolutely right.
    70 % Singaporeans never complaint.
    so the balance 3.5 million population including the PR, the FT & the tourists all are complaining about the G.

  7. So much generalizations in one paragraph, complaints can be taken as constructive criticism but she’d rather react in the same emotional manner rather than to be cool-headed and rational about it. Not much difference as those that she’s pin-pointing.

    • Likely to be an embellished profile. If the abnn are irresponsible enough to use fake certs and degrees to apply for jobs, it is natural for them to lie about their previous jobs too.

  8. Failures have been noted n action taken to ratify, in process of repairs n upgrading if people think it should not have any breakdowns then there’s no way to please the people..

    • No action really been taken, they just find scapegoats. Problems since 2011 till now, 7 years are not acceptable. People are not expecting no breakdown, however, breakdown 2~3 times a week with 3 line breakdown on the sameday is simply crazy. Please do not expect people to swallow that crap.

    • Jackson Ng
      4 working hours a day to upgrade what do you expect..? Magic ?

      You want the line to be as good as 1990s..

      Do you support the lines to be closed for upgrading for Say, for 2 years ..?

    • Since acess time into the tracks are no limited. Wise to penalise the maintenance team as they are also tight with the inadequate time allocated?

      BTW, a wise management will not tweets so many things at the same time. More play safe option should be selected rather than trying to be smart. @^@

    • I do not understand you either. 2011 to 2017, full 7 years is not enough time to solve the train problem? It is even enough time to build a new system. In fact, the problem worsen in these 7 years.
      How many years we need to give? 14 years? Are you able to guarantee you can live so long?
      It is people like you that is not rational and commuters are screwed. Sigh!

      You are so brainwashed. No point talking to you any further. I do not want to waste any time on people who cannot reason. I will stop here. Thank you.

  9. A lecturer from India was found with fake PHD. i wondered this ah neh from India- if her qualification is real or fake. with such words coming from her mouth claiming Singaporeans who commented about the recent SMRT saga as Terrorist.

  10. that is what i hate about singapore govt; oppressing its own people and then give the FTs more privileges than the local, and use them to oppress the locals.
    PAP is a terrorist to its own people

  11. Visited her FB wall apparently she has taken the post down …..
    This will teach her to think before rattling her CB mouth on social media, while actions have been done to remove the post however it would have been too late .
    She may have lost her mind to comment such , sooner in time she will loose her job too .
    RIP ….. lol

    • Nowadays when police think it is OK for a guy to take naked video with penis dangling of another, what cannot happen?

      Soon… police may even install cameras for ‘necessary measures against terrorism’ in toilets… …

      Women are usually out of their minds. Too used to Such nosense.

  12. Gee this kind of HR manager I rather not working under? Have she affected by the delay? Guess not have she been sequestered and plastered in the train I also don’t think so. What an idiot!

  13. Ahlo shut your 2 bloody body gaps there will be less rape and murder in India. Only bitches have 2 wide body gaps!

  14. I agree that most of the people who complain about train issues and as well as some government policies are likely not Singaporeans and to my knowledge that there are some who are new or quite new Singapore citizens.

  15. What are her educational qualifications that qualify her to become a project manager? PSB??? Probably sycophancy!!!! Looking at the companies she has worked for, I don’t have any confidence in her being able to provide any leadership for “Organisation Excellence”. No wonder SMRT is in the situation it is in!

  16. Didn’t know that there are so many FT with surnames that we all know for decades. And these surname can only be found in Singapore and Malaysia….
    Guys are you FT bearing Surname we see everyday?

  17. Is she indian national?? A key reason why smrt has so many problens is becos of the lousy cheap FTs hiring to replace more expensive but highly ezperienced and skilled Sporean workers

  18. What
    Does she have any brain to link complaints to terrorism and religion? Is she attempting to identify herself with SG? Coming from a country famous for rapists, exam cheaters, fake degrees, human rights atrocities in the name of religion, corruption at almost all levels etc, she should save her breath, opinion and whatever little wisdom she possesses for her home country for her own good.

  19. Ms Indira Devi, I am a “true blue” Singaporean and I do not agree with your comments! In fact, each and every Singaporean and PR I know or come into contact with have shown their displeasure at our MRT system! Some of my foreigner friends (PMETs) and even workers didn’t want to comment out of respect for our country. So it’s directly the contrast to what your were claiming. To put it crudely, your were talking “rubbish”. Seriously, your management ought to ascertain your qualification and experience for your current job!

  20. Any mrt breakdown is a true fact whether the complaints is foreigners or locals and foreigners will tell their country citizen back home about our world class mrt system even Taiwan programs already making fun of our mrt and laughed at us that Singapore is engaging a Taiwan experts to Singapore.

  21. her only want to be famous and holefully that the management would notice her and get promoted for what she said .. (they are all the same kind of ppl who only know how to blame and push everything to other ppl)..and also to have her citizenship in singapore faster..

  22. It’s a dangerous position to take associating commuters who are affected and complain with islamic terrorists…particularly during these sensitive times. If Indra isn’t Singaporean, she might even be mistaken as a mischief maker stoking the fires her organisation lit.

  23. As usual, This article proves that people just jump on sensational headlines.

    The headline took what she said totally out of context. And nobody bothers to read and clarify. Truly the 1% she is talking about.

    • A train may has more than a thousand at a time and if domino impact on multiple stations over entire line. Then over 1~2 hours of ten or more trains affected. Then over a 1 year period. Do your maths to count those affected.

    • Jackson Ng
      You are right! Can KPKB help?
      They acknowledged the problems n action taken,
      What they need?
      Time n people support!
      After the upgrading, breakdowns will still happen, by then, people have to learn that it part of daily lives..
      There will be no magic solutions..

    • PK Ang great that now get the calculation. Concerning about about what you help and they need time and people support. I will like to add my two cents worth as below:-
      So getting a retired paper general totally without train operation experience will help? Without the right requisits for the job is not parachute to the job? Worst still they brought in a bunch of retired army kaki to fill the next senior rank. Replace a 2millions CEO is enough to get at least 2 train experts and a few highly skill engineers. Plus replacing that bunch of useless retirees, it will be more than enough to rectify most problem. In addition, they do not really acknowledge the problem and take action, merely pushing responsibility to the ground staffs which work like a dog. This are the worst kind of leaders which not fit even to be a leader. Break down should be part of daily life. Please do not be brainwashed by the authority. They promised you Swiss standard of living but the trainsystem is even worst than the Bangkok metro. They deceived the people yet fatten their pockets without any shame. Majority of the Sporeans really amaze me.

    • Jackson Ng
      Hahahaha. PM. Lee must know all of the jobs in every ministries..

      All CEO in the corporate world must really know how to do jobs of his junior staff, they really must know all or they’re useless..

      You really know what’s going on in Bangkok Metro?

      Ok remove the CEO save the $$ n employ more Engineers.. then goes without CEO n what next ?

      Almost all male Singaporeans served in the Army.. paper General, no good? How about paper Captains? or experienced uneducated soldiers who know how to kill..

      Tell us, who appoints the CEOs of all the GLC ?

    • PK Ang Nobody is saying the CEO need to know how to do the junior staff’s job. I believe you are more intelligent than that. Do not put such comments into me. It make you look stupid. There are corporates which are less technical orientated. For such case, the CEO just need to have experience of similar corporation, with adequate knowledge on the system and mechanism (not details but broad spectrum to comprehen the operation and make wise decision). For corporate like SMRT, problem already severe that Mdm Saw was removed plus train operation is highly technical. Hence, the requisit should be an CEO who had experience running a mission critical engineering & services corporate. Even an internal promotion from the next higher rank among the pool will perform better. So retired paper general is useless in this situation. One size fit all just do not work.

      So paper general good? Like the general Ng that “sinked” NOL. CGM acquired it and turned around in less than 2 years. Instead of taking up CEO in related industry such as NOL, he is taking SPH, then aggravated the poor performance and drew so much flakes on how those retrenched staffs are handled. If he cannot be fair to his people and with a heart for them, how would he able to lead his men to fight a war?

      Concern about the Bangkok metro, I had more than 2 handful of friends who do online shopping business, they doing their sourcing atleast once a month and all travel with metro with bags of purchase. The metro do not fail them even once. I had personal followed them before. Their suppliers can also attest to the reliability. We did also checked with their local commuters before and almost all gave superb reviews. Many friends and relatives also enjoying their shopping using metro as the mean of transportation. Enough said. Only dumb can consider our MRT as world class. I believe you are intelligent to tell that our MRT reliability is not yet acceptable right?

  24. You FT don’t talk no one will say you are a mute. Now that you opened your mouth, please do your job as a info comm mgr. No announcement and whatsoever is intolerable during a breakdown or even short delay. Look at Japan la. Even reach station earlier also must apologise. You should do the same.

  25. Well..At least we know what type of person she is.. might have the qualification but obviously she don’t use her brain to think about the things she said..

  26. Foreign talent/new immigrant became new citizen blame foreigners for complaints of inefficient smrt system. India doesn’t even has a mrt, what does she know about mrt system. How did she get into mrt corporation?

  27. What does inefficient/failure smrt system got to do with Islam/Muslim terrorist. Is she hinting its the terrorist managing our smrt. Don’t just blurb nonsense if she doesn’t know what’s going on.

  28. Indira Devi better watch your words. How in this blooming world you even are in any Communications dept of any Company says alot about your bosses and more about your own damn insecurities of not being born here but in India.

  29. Sensitive and caring? A person who bandies words like terrorist anyhow can be called that? You obviously are so only for the sake of your job, like your bosses. Empathy for the public? Zilch. Not to even ask that from what data you jumped to such cavalier observation.

  30. LOL 70% idiots voted for this kind of obxonious fts. Anyway, lta is full of these apnn from rapist land. Ask anyone (sinkies pls) working there and they will tell u how haughty these species are. Alas..70% fkers deserve to be bullied cos ur itchy a-hole asked for it !

  31. ISD please fo your part to summon her to identify those terrorists she claim to be. She must be an experienced terrorist to know whether one is or not.

  32. Kick this bitch out of Singapore just like Anton ass being kicked out. She is too free in her job to think of such when she suppose to contribute in perfectly migrate the signal system!

  33. What sort of project manager of Infocomm and organistion excellence at SMRT is that? Spouting nonsense without evidence of so-called “terrorist” from a lame duck! Where is her intelligence if any?

  34. No wonder SMRT is deteriorating because there are still many people like her in the organization. Good job from India-FT. She must be from the middle-class and high-class Indians who think highly of themselves who never go through hardship like those living in the slump.

  35. I Have said it before, the Top management should be replaced . Don’t know what kind of culture has been allowed to fester. Sure sign of ineffectual.leadership.

  36. Seriously… must get rid of all smrt hot shots….all imh cases…open mouths without using brains….highly paper qualified…whats gone so wrong with system….my late mother bless her soul..uneducated…illiterate…says..’mouth to eat not to shit’.

  37. Look at her past photos and you will see that she is part of the SAF volunteer corps. Makes you wonder how someone like her can be allowed to bear arms and wear the uniform. Disgraceful.

  38. Yes, white terrorism has indeed overtaken us… the people paid for the infrastructure and the management, when both the hardware and the service failed, those of us who complained are termed as “terrorists”… what has this Country become? Yes, we are foreigners, foreign to the 70% with a very different set of existential philosophy…

  39. Madam you are ignorant. You’d better get your facts right before you write speculative comments based on your imagined information! Quitting your job may also be a good option!

  40. Do you expect the commuters to keep quiet and take all the disruptions and inconvenience cause to them as a result of the numerous and frequent breakdown of the SMRT trains. Your branding of commuters who complaint about MRT disruptions as ” terrorists” is excessive and abusive. It is also uncalled for. Do you know that the frequent disruptions has already blemished the image of Singapore in the eyes of the world. Singapore was being highly regarded as being very efficient and good in whatever Singapore set out to do but this reputation is being questioned..

  41. With a job title like that, you would think she’s smart enough to realise mixing certain words like that is a big no-no.

    But, this is proof of the sort of toxic culture SMRT has admitted to.

  42. Now I see the ‘Problem’ you have the “Wrong People” in all your Departments. Get your Act together guys. ( When I say ‘Act” I don’t mean ‘Wayang”)

  43. In many ways, a city’s MRT system is now almost like the internet, i.e. a key component of urban living with many expecting the MRT system to be almost 100% reliable. Success of less car policy is also highly dependent on MRT’s reliability. With MRT as the main backbone of public transport, its reliability becomes critical. The hue and cry from Singaporeans is therefore understandable. This lady at Infocomm means that she is part of the IT team for MRT. They have essentially screwed up – signalling is the responsibility of Infocomm. Is she part of the team involved in some or most of the system screw-ups? She is speaking out of vested interest!

  44. She must have heard it from her bosses & they heard it from their friends who take public transport – as a hobby. Collectively they make up 99% of the public.

  45. Stupid brainless without think before say that complain from foreigners… I can tell u that most are Singaporeans who complain about how breakdown affect us all

  46. Another idiot. Who says every Singaporean family has someone in SAF? And serving nation doesn’t mean we won’t complain when things go wrong. Singaporeans complain because we believe in correcting mistakes and improving the situation. Obviously u came from elsewhere.

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