SMRT flamed for posting supposed “ownself praise ownself” Facebook post


SMRT has drawn flak from netizens for uploading the following post on its official social media page last Thursday. The post includes a message that is allegedly from a commuter, encouraging the transport operator during a time when the organisation is under immense fire for persistently alarming train issues.

Here is SMRT’s full Facebook post:

“It is heart-warming to receive this encouraging note from one of our commuters. This means a lot to us, especially for our staff who work tirelessly day and night to keep the system running despite the challenges. Rallying behind our staff to press on and to do their best.
““Just want to encourage u all 🙂 i know it has been very hard time during these few months due to train fault, signal problem and accident etc. Some ppl might feel unhappy due to delay of their journey or stuck in stuffy train. But, i would like to gv u a great hug and wish u stay strong, problem will be solved sooner or later, and i believe ur team are trying the best to solve all the problems! Don’t be sad about the complaints, cuz this is human being when encountered some negative situation affected their routine life. Treat these complaints as energy to keep u move on, keep urself calm and cool and think how to solve in on shot, put safety in priority. I believe all of ur team member are trying very hard, struggling how to settle the issue! Thanks for ur effort to trying best to provide the best service to us, must keep urself healthy, so that u can keep ur mind calm and solve the problem! I realized that the train problem occurred when smrt shorten the waiting time from 2-3 mins to 1-2 mins, it might become burden to train especially old train. Give a train and track a break, they might overwork. Hopefully all passenger who are taking mrt also can stand unite, be understanding, smrt team wouldn’t want this happened too. But since it happened, we can encourage them to overcome these hard period 🙂 Stay strong and positive, thank you!! :)” – Mrs Lim #SMRT #LetsPressOn

Interestingly, the supposed message from the commuter cannot be authenticated, since SMRT did not share a screenshot or link the commuter’s original post. Due to this, several netizens have speculated that this message could very well have been written by an SMRT employee themselves.

The fact that SMRT chose to amplify such an unverifiable message on their own Facebook page did not fly well with netizens:

The employees managing SMRT’s Facebook page previously drew netizens’ ire after they jumped to the defense of their CEO, Desmond Quek, in a post that was deemed “unprofessional” by many online.

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It is heart-warming to receive this encouraging note from one of our commuters. This means a lot to us, especially for…

Posted by SMRT on Thursday, 23 November 2017


  1. In psychology, every human being can always learn to write a letter to praise and pat on our own back whenever we fail an examination, especially to say that we can always perform better at the next examination because more time are given to digest and understand!
    This is our 4th generation puppies who crown themselves with glory upon glory and never admit their faults

  2. Wow. Work tirelessly day & night. Who? The minister? CEO DQ? The Chairman? Knnbccb. The lowly paid workers are the one that works tirelessly day & nite while the elites snoring and waiting for bonuses only. When comes to appraisal these farkers are the one that benefits the most. Rated B minimum with 3-6 mths bonuses

    • he just like Jack neo like you say got a award only become yayapapaya type same thought he a general now also smrt ceo mean very big liao until he don’t know what is no face

  3. Can you imagine these guy look like the Chief of Defense?? With no but dare not to admit his incompetence and step down for his volunteer work with million dollar salary.
    How to gain respect????

  4. Wow the writer sibei Eng-eng-cheng-cheng. If she travels during peak period. I believe she will use basic 2 words to summaries all the words of expressions

  5. Hard to believe that such a ‘Mrs Lim’ exist. Has she written any compassionate letter about the 28 commuters who were injured in the train collision? Or she writes only for smrt? So poor thing, smrt.

  6. I know SMRT needs some praise. But even if this is real, please downplay. Do you expect the majority to see you differently because of a few compliments? If you do, you are indeed stupid and pathetic. Your fiascos are so egregious that such letters just look meaningless, even true.

  7. If u r capable and able to manage our train system, the situation won’t be so bad and getting worst. Be a gentleman and step down, we can’t afford to pay you, as you fully aware you are too expensive to maintain. I feel so bad for our late elected president Mr Ong, please don’t further ruin his SMRT.

  8. Yeah overworked trains and tracks.. lolx.. it’s not running on 24/7 and it’s train or tracks didn’t overwork as much as Japan or Hongkong ones. Just someone doing their Cheaper, Better and Faster ways to get the highest KPI for a thicker and fatter paycheck!

  9. Just like scams & fake news, is this authentic? Is it even believable? For all u know, I myself could have written it but miles ahead in better grammar at least. Management could have done that or been behind it thinking they have a brilliant. Ha ha, don’t u even think Singaporeans are all idiots. Some maybe-the ones who voted for the Govt. Wake up u people, u seem to get a big pleasure about increase costs & taxes everytime.

  10. Ownself praise ownself!! Who in the right frame of mind will write such a lengthy message ?.. singing praises ? how much he/her get paid?? Name the writer if you dare!

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