SMRT Chairman steps down as CEO of energy company to focus on SMRT


SMRT Corporation Ltd and SMRT Trains Ltd Chairman, Seah Moon Ming, has stepped down as chief executive of an oil and gas company, Pavilion Energy, to focus on the transport operator.

This is according to a statement released by Pavilion Energy today that revealed French national Frédéric Barnaud will take over the reins of the Temasek portfolio energy company from Seah.

The energy company’s chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican, expressed his gratitude to Seah for his service in the organisation. He added that Seah, who had played a vital role in establishing the company, was keen to devote more time to his role at SMRT when he was appointed as SMRT Chairman in July.

Responding to the announcement, Seah said:

“I am especially grateful for the support the Board has extended to me as well as the hard work of a team of colleagues. Their support and hard work had enabled me to build Pavilion Energy from scratch to where it is today. I know they will give Frédéric the same level of support to bring the Group to the next phase of its growth. We are at the centre of a growing LNG market, underpinned by China, India and Southeast Asia. I am confident that the Group will continue to do well.”

Seah’s decision to leave the gas and oil company to focus on SMRT comes at a time when several rail service breakdowns, disruptions and delays persist and after two high profile incident occurred recently – one, the MRT tunnel flooding in October that inconvenienced a quarter of a million commuters and two, the MRT collision at Joo Koon station where 38 individuals were injured.

Public confidence in the train system took a severe blow following the serious incidents.

An SMRT spokesman said that the company is pleased with Seah’s intention to prioritise his work with them. We re-publish the transport operators’s full statement here:

“SMRT is pleased that Mr Seah Moon Ming, Chairman SMRT Corp and SMRT Trains, had planned to prioritise more time as an active Chairman at SMRT when he took on chairmanship of SMRT in mid-2017.

“Under the guidance of Mr Seah and our Board, SMRT remains focused on delivering key initiatives such as asset renewal efforts, while it continues its multi-year effort to strengthen management, operations and maintenance teams, and build robust engineering and operational capabilities for future needs.

“These initiatives aim to achieve higher reliability, availability, maintainability, safety and security, not just to address the challenges of an ageing system, but to deliver continually over the life of key critical infrastructure like the MRT system.

“The Board, CEO and management of SMRT welcome the opportunity to work even more closely with Mr Seah from 1 Feb 2018, when he is scheduled to relinquish his position as CEO of Pavilion Energy.

“The SMRT Board, management and staff are committed to work with various key stakeholders to deliver a safe, reliable and efficient service to commuters.”

Earlier today, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan also called for more support for Seah. He said:

“SMRT is top priority for Seah Moon Ming, as national duty calls. Let us all help to render full and public support, not just for Seah Moon Ming, but also for his management, and the rank and file at SMRT.”



  1. SMM is sibeh suay, kenna volunteered by Msian KBW to clean up the mess created by the imbecile paper general Desmond Kuek & his team of ex army buddies. If the SMRT’s problems do not get alleviated, SMM will be the one taking the rap on behalf of KBW & Kuek while they laugh all the way to the bank. Some animals are indeed more equal than others.

    • See his smooth beautiful face. This is the face of a ti gong gia who can get away with anything, including utter incompetence, and still get paid millions year after year, for five years and counting.

  2. Let be realistic about the present situation smrt urgently need more engineers to troubleshoot breakdown rather than those absortly overpaid paper Generals making smrt top heavy. You are not being realistic /pragmatic in resolving this urgent problem

  3. First “volunteer” (paid millions = volunteer meh ?) …
    now “national duty”… please lor NS only paid peanuts allowances leh… how much smrt top mgt are paid??
    Khaw got served NS before or not?

  4. Come on, he could have kept both jobs and draw a super cushy amount from both sides every month. The fact that he relinquished it indicates he means business. Let’s not be so negative and give him a chance.

    • Trxie,

      He was asked by KBW to so called clear the mess. His role in SMRT is a non exc role. Which literally means, he gets free money.

      Desmond head is on the line now and as per the corrupted PAP guideline, if they sack DK, it will protray a negative image of PAP. So what they gona do is to tie DK hands behind his back, push him slowly towards the plank of resignation. If u know what i mean

  5. 1. Any other top management also need to step down from their multiple roles ?
    2. By stepping down as CEO of energy company and focus his Chairman role in SMRT, does it mean that he hasn’t played his focus role prior to that?
    3. How soon can we expect to see lesser trains breakdowns ?

    • Actually this chap and Khaw totally underestimated the extent of problem… …

      There is only one approach to this crisis… … Hehehehehe~

      But I enjoy the show anyway.

      It will go on and on and on until the super expensive rails rot into nothingness… …

  6. Must concentrate on your appointed serious job Not like our MPs hold as many as 30directorships Collect 100k per directorship How to split yourself into 30pieces????Money not enough???

    • I am more worried about smlj 200 next batch of PAP candidates…

      The same shit gonna happen again… except that the tree has rotten to critical level… … for more parasites.

    • So…

      U got any idea at all? Hehehehehe~

      Dun get me wrong…

      I am pissed off with garbage in power aka parasites.

      However… most, if not all, bombarding them are actually no better themselves.

      This nosense is a responsibility due to ALL sinkies, hence.

  7. Halo!!! Wrong way lah,!!! Should step down from SMRT so that his incompetent won’t affect SMRT. Same goes for all the top management including butterfly man. Since the whites are addicted to outsourcing then outsource the running of the rail system to the Taiwanese who are already here. For butterfly man pls go back to your home land and stop disturbing us with your warp logics!!!!

  8. 哈哈哈此闪电执政党可以荣登世界各国管理模式第一超级厚颜无耻之最、其国民荣登世界第一自作孽愚蠢之最贱支持者……
    The world number one thickest skin lightning ruling regime and reflecting karma on their Dumbest supporters

    Mati lah singapura

  9. Wa lan, getting 2 pay cheques from govt linked companies, where can he focus but the millions. Just becos it is public fund these PAP MFs care less and appointed him for 2 jobs..really KNN.

  10. Why leave job at pavilion energy?? There’s something he couldn’t handle anymore.. So I guess he left before he could be implicated… Why leave when you could earn more money with two jobs?? I don’t smell loyalty but something fishy….

  11. These guys, the top 20 managers, should just simply take the mrt daily until the problems are solved. Otherwise, they keep solving the wrong problems and solving them the wrong way. Otherwise, the problems will never end

  12. SMRT right now is a failure and insiders are saying inefficient plus wasteful in using their budget. Works and supplies which are non critical are being expanded just to meet budget expenditure requirements. Small white elephants are every where. Mr Seah you got a hell lot of changes to make and the first one is to REPLACE THE TOP MANAGEMENT TEAM TO A NEW PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCED AND COMPETENT ONE!

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