SMRT CEO LG Kuek continues to receive million-dollar salary while commuters fume over train breakdowns


Tens of thousands of commuters were frustrated by major train disruptions during the evening peak hours yesterday (28 Jun). Both the North-South and East-West lines were affected.

SMRT and LTA blamed the disruptions on a fault in the new signalling system.

Many commuters were calling cab and private-hire car services to get home. As a result, Grab’s and Uber’s fares jumped to as high as more than $40 per trip due to the high demand.

The train disruptions continued till today (29 Jun) apparently. This morning, commuters once again vented their frustrations on social media about the train delays along the North-South line at around 8am.

One said, “A tiny island but about an hour journey to town is such a joke.”

Another said, “Woke up early and still ended up late for work. SO DONE WITH SMRT!”

“Train keeps stopping. Haizz smrt, I miss the times when the trains ran smoothly and I’m not packed like a sardine even during peak hours”, added another.

SMRT LG Desmond Kuek receives more than $1.8 million salary

Meanwhile according to the latest annual report from SMRT, its CEO LG Desmond Kuek, the former Chief of Defence Force of SAF, continues to receive his multi-million dollar salaries. Last year, he was rewarded with a salary of S$1,871,714 and shares.



  1. All this shameless high post idiot, do nothing but just collect million of dollar, , who care how many time the train break down, telling ppl is signal testing, when train don’t break down, they will tell u is time to raise fee, shameless to the max

  2. I love how we compensate incompetence. But I don’t blame Desmond…the rot was started years ago when SMRT decided to be a retailer.

  3. Look at other Countries’, like Indonesia for example a person to reach a rank of Of BG is, the age of late 40s or 50 with a few Exceptional Cases. That depends on his education, experiences and performances.
    A Major salary is around S$1,000 but basic necessities are provided. There jobs are to upgrade and protect the country. They don’t know anything about MRT, Public Transportation, etc. They are proud being soldiers. There job is to make the country safe.
    Here you can see “STARS” like you can see in the sky, so many.

  4. If LKY is around today I am quite sure he would round up these Ministers n CEO n others like-minded MPs, lined them up at Fort Canning n set loose his Gurkhas squad on them. Jiak liao bee the bloody lot.

  5. What happened to the much vaunted meritocracy system where one is rewarded for good performance and penalised for the opposite result???

  6. The system is rewarding these jia liao bee who in turn pledge their support for the system that milk the ordinary guys with price increases of all sorts, ensuring that they be slaves for life.

  7. They can’t even bother to apologise and when such a mess happened they just hide in their shit holes! Mr. Kuek, it is a disgrace to know you are an army ex-general! Shame on you!

  8. Auto pilot scheme even your performance not up to mark none deliver or cannt even command a Div at war or exercises. Still keep auto promotions After the Duty free manageress CEO all presume is ok keep receiveing millions dollars bonus and do not feel Shume???Move on from one failed project to another eg From Temasek to NOL and to SPH!!!!

  9. This is unlike LKY time only the best is put on the jobs those cannot perform are ask to go The present is o army or Navy buddy can already or President Scholar no experience no problem learn on the job sinkies are very forgetful after a while they forget again.

  10. He’s solving a pile of crap that has been dumped on him.

    I say he’s doing ok all things considered.

    If you’re fuming, you should be fuming against there people who were in their positions about 10 years prior to the first major breakdown:
    – smrt board of directors
    – GIC/Temasek Holdings aka major shareholders
    – LTA ministers before tuck yew

    This is systemic problem, one that took years to build up to. So there’s no point fuming against those who’re trying to fix things now.

    Direct said fuming against those who allowed to happen.

  11. If incompetents such as this were allowed to keep their jobs, in future Singapore is going to witness an erosion of standards across all sectors. Top civil servants will not be motivated to work hard knowing that their big money job is safe and secure.

  12. What can we say? It’s up to his conscience to take the salary and do a f… job! Who are we to decide if his boss have no complaint? We also Lan Lan right…

  13. Why complain, majority want it. We have so So many smart voters in singapore. Either that, too many New 3rd world voters. anyway, we are all Fuk. Thanks to Singaporeans since the previous election u made it happen. ‍♂️

  14. This LG is a useless self-entitled moronic scumbag milking his own million dollars salary through the pain of commuters…karma awaits a scumbag like him!

  15. million dollar is cheap as compare other big companies , their ceo earn nealy 10 million,,, human and machine can breakdown at any time , it is common..

  16. I don’t mind their salaries if they were held responsible and accountable. These big shots from the armed forces get moved from one post to another and get to keep salaries and perks – even when they do lousy jobs!

  17. I am not a good writer nor a critical lot – but I enjoy reading the comments – these so-called high flyers got whacked left-right-center..keep writing guys…

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