SMRT Call Centre worker criticises “tasteless” company dinner only to get flamed herself


A woman who presumably works at the SMRT call centre has criticised the company for the “tasteless” bento sets that were allegedly served to workers during the staff union dinner, only to get flamed online herself for not appreciating free food.

The woman, Bedah Ahmad, shared on Facebook: “This is SMRT Call Centre Union dinner. White rice with 3 pathetic potatoes, 2 small pcs fish fillet with mayonaise a few slices of chicken. Thank God we have our own sambal belachan to create a better taste for the tasteless food.”

Interestingly, while a few netizens took the opportunity to criticise SMRT, others criticised Bedah herself:


    • So well said! At least something is given free! As been said, “no one will be denied of “basic” medical care”! Same applies here, there is something to eat? Maybe to them, something is already given and dont know how to make the employees feel “special” dying the festive season?

  1. Just be thankful. Want abalone, caviar, foie gras, truffles, we go for them on our own. If they supply us these, then nothing special about these anymore!

  2. Try looking from another perspective. Those, who picks up crumps from floorings, wouldn’t have to think twice. Gratefully take it as union feast with your team members from all levels.
    For a better deal, have it with your members of family…
    Educations begin from young and it should never stop…

  3. And that is why Singaporeans who flamed her are unidimensional and lack the ability to understand multilayered concepts in general: If the dinner is meant as charity just to keep her from starving, then yes, she should not complain. However, if the dinner is meant as a gift, a reward or a celebration as it is supposed to be in this case, then she has a valid point. The intention behind the dinner is crucial as its value tells the recipient how important she is to you, the giver!

    Basically this dinner tells the recipient she is worthless and unimportant to you or your company (so, in return, why should she bother going over and above the call of duty if the situation arises and you need them?). There is a Cantonese saying about people who treat others of lower status in this denigrating manner and it translates as “ignorant about behaving as a human being”.

    • There are also a multitude of “Be grateful” fanboys and girls who really think they are the upper crust. But once the cake being served is getting thin, they would be the first to whine louder then anyone else.

      • They took the whole cake while you have the peanuts. No one is checking. Don’t complain, this is what you voted for.

  4. You are not the only one served such food. Better qualified staff including executives and teachers get such lunches. Student volunteers at charity events get even worse ones.

  5. Staff meals whilst free can be improved than this. Feed them well and they ll work well. For those talking abt ppl with no food, how much have you given to help them.

  6. A bento cost more than food from the coffee shop. The company cld hv just ordered $3 chicken rice for but hv to consider the taste n food needs of different culture n races

  7. SMRT call center can certainly do better! Surely a little more care and effort could go a long way in providing some food that’s more appetizing for the same price. After all staff morale is important! I’m sure if a VIP was invited to attend, lots more effort would have gone in! Therein lies the ‘cultural’ issues with SMRT! Too much carrying the balls of those at the top that really don’t deserve it!

  8. If SMRT is serving ALL their union dinner staff with “bento set” it is fine BUT if only to the call centre worker.I feel it is discriminating and condescending. These people are not second class workers.

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