SMRT bus captain wins hearts after alighting bus to shelter commuters from the pouring rain

An SMRT bus captain is winning hearts online after photos of him alighting the bus to shelter commuters as they cross from the bus stop into his bus began circulating online.

In the first photo, the bus captain – who wears an SMRT vest – can be seen holding an umbrella over a commuter to shelter her against the pouring rain as she enters his bus. The second picture shows the bus captain waiting patiently while holding an umbrella between the bus and the bus shelter as a man alights the bus:

Pictures of the bus captain kind act began trending on the HardwareZone forum. The Independent understands that netizens have already written in to SMRT to highlight the bus captain’s kindness.

Netizens responding to pictures of the bus captain helping commuters avoid getting wet in the rain have showered the SMRT employee with appreciation and praise: