SMRT: A Flawed System of Compliments

Letter to the Editor


Hi sir,

I would like to highlight to you the flawed compliment system which has been practicing for a long time in Smrt.

Staff appraisal is based partly on the number of compliments and also the quality of compliments. A majority of the compliments are solicited, for basic daily service like giving directions, value not added to their card, entry/exit mismatch, etc..

And we are expected to push for the numbers and solicit compliments from the passengers to meet target figures.

This is a very flawed compliment system..some passengers are not too happy as they feel they are pushed and coerced to give compliments. Compliments should come sincerely and willingly from the passengers when performed.

They should not be ” pushed” into giving just to reach target figures

This has gone on for far too long, and it is a fundamentally wrong approach and some passengers may feel annoyed and it is mostly not sincere and it has certainly lost its meaning.

Very easy to verify… just randomly call the passengers in the compliment forms and check… a majority of them can tell you they are “pushed” and solicited into giving the compliments for even some daily common services. They just don’t make sense.

I hope independent Singapore which I believe is a credible platform and help me to bring this to the open for a change in this flawed compliment should not carry on for too long for this organisation like SMRT who are serving thousands of passengers each day.

I sincerely thank you very much.


From a conscientious and concerned staff who wish to right a wrong.