Six police cars, 20 officers pranked



On 25 November, two sturdy-built white guys were seen physically assaulting another Caucasian man openly at Sungei Kadu Industrial Estate. They were also seen forcefully shoving the man into a car before speeding off.

The brutal scene was witnessed by Mr Kalam, 29, a worker who was taking a break opposite the “crime scene”.

He described to Shin Min Daily that the two “suspects” were waiting in ambush before shouting at the “victim” and quickly covering a black bag on his head.

“The attackers were then vigorously making attempts to lift the man’s body up but he was struggling to break free,” said Mr Kalam, “he then lost his balance and fell down on the lawn.”

The two immediately took the chance to press the “victim” while gripping his hands behind his back and tying his wrists together with a cable tie, according to Mr Kalam.

“They also attempted to push him into their car trunk. However, the man’s body size is too big to fit in,” Mr Kalam added, “they made him sit at the back seat before driving off towards Kranji direction.”

Soon, the police were notified by a security guard, who was shaken in fear. In total, six police vehicles with nearly twenty police officers arrived at the scene and started their two-hour-long investigation.

Mr Kalam described that the “victim” is known to be an engineer working in the factory and he is medium-build with blonde hair and stubble beard. According to Shin Min, the factory is a piling manufacturer. There is a security guard office but there is no surveillance camera installed.

It turns out that the three were putting on a dramatic show. Their actions were in full speed and strength with swift cooperations, according to onlookers. It was said to be a prank related to a match-making party.



  1. When these 3 guys get caught, i wanna c what our these-few-days-unusually-quiet-after-poked-his-nose-into-MRT Law Minister will say.
    Everyone notice he diam-diam over the public uproar over the jail sentences for the 2 demons who tortured a mentally-challenged woman to death?
    How come this Law Minister do free talked abt Town Council (under MND) & MRT (under MOT) but not talking abt things under his portfolio?
    Aiming to go MOT i/c SMRT?

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