Singapore’s Vanished Public Housing Estates


The old has to make way for the new. But in the process, we are also losing a part of our history and heritage. Luckily two local photographers, Koh Kim Chay and Eugene Ong, have captured the old housing estates in Singapore through their old analog cameras. And each picture was carefully developed in the dark-room.

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KC Koh & Eugene Ong are independent photographers working on a black-and-white publication featuring expunged public housing estates of Singapore.  Limited print run of 500 copies available on Indiegogo. – More than 200 pages of photographs of vanished SIT and early HDB estates with accompanying write ups on each estate. – Book design by Do Not Design. Essays on SG’s early housing history by Dr Eunice Seng (HKU Arch), Dr Eddie Tay (CUHK), Yu-Mei Balasingamchow