Singaporeans who went missing in Gunung Pulai forest reserve found after 4 days

The two Singaporeans who were reported missing in Johor’s Gunung Pulai forest reserve since Monday were found this morning.

The Singaporeans, Dominick Tan and Clarice Lum Jie, were believed to have entered the reserve through a mountain trail, even though the mountain was closed, and gone off track – taking a route not frequented by climbers.

After about 4 days of intense search and rescue efforts, the Johor police discovered the location of the missing pair around 11.20am after a helicopter spotted them at Ulu Choh Pontian, which is near a lake. Dominick and Clarice, both 27, later confirmed during a distress call that they were indeed near a body of water.

A boat was deployed to pick the pair up as the helicopter was unable to land in the area.

The pair suffered minor injuries, such as minor cuts and bruises, and were also dehydrated, according to the authorities. They were conveyed to Pontian Hospital, where they have since been discharged to the care of their families.


  1. What were they thinking of by going off track? Sometimes really wonder at the minds of the new generation. Nonetheless thank God they are safe and back home.

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