Home News Singaporeans triggered by netizen who insists SG “is a Chinese country”

Singaporeans triggered by netizen who insists SG “is a Chinese country”




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The racial mix in Singapore often sparks curiosity amongst foreigners. Netizen Lonen Bellamy was no different when he asked on a forum if Singapore was a Chinese country. However, what started as an innocent question received many loaded replies, and one extremely flawed one from another netizen.

When Lonen Bellamy posed his question on Facebook group ‘Complaint Singapore’, many of the replies he received took offense at the nature of his question, saying that just because Singapore is an Asian country, everyone here is not Chinese. Others who replied on the forum explained the racial mix rather earnestly.

However, much to the annoyance and anger of other Singaporeans, one netizen, Kevin Heng, said this: If singapore still with malaysia we won’t even be recognizable on the map. Thank LKY and Chinese leaders if not we would become some resort tourism spot in Malaysia nobody wants to go. So yes, this is a Chinese country.

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His comment alone sparked a reply from fourteen others who also pointed out that Heng had made other racially insensitive remarks as well.




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