Singaporeans slam netizen who received $2 Ang Bao for being ungrateful


A “strawberry generation” netizen was criticised online following the Chinese New Year weekend, after he complained that he had received a measly S$2 in an ang bao.

The netizen, Gerald Lim, posted online a video of him uncovering the S$2 in the red packet and wrote, quite hilariously: “This era, you still dare give $2?”

However, the backlash from netizens who felt Lim was “ungrateful” was so intense that he not only deleted his post, but also seems to have set his Facebook page on private mode.


  1. Please exclude “him” from next year’s CNY …
    If I am his relative … it’s $1.50 for you next year
    I’m sure there are many who frowned upon receiving an Ang Bao that don’t contain much monetary value but to bring this into the social media …. now talking about stupidity to the next level .

  2. Be grateful count yourself lucky, this is still much better that two chocolate coins from PAP Istana.

    LKY legacy lives on, ungracefulness and miserly has become ingrained. No free lunches and stealing lunches become celebrated.
    A society in deep problem.
    All have become shameless.

  3. I know a story of a lady with cancer who had her hard earned 2 dollars all rolled up each time she got from her work.. tough menial job. When her kid discovered her hard earned 2 dollars all rolled up in stacks when she passed away her tears rolled down her cheeks… I’m sure all she want now is to receive even the 2 dollars from her mom again. 2 dollars it may be but it’s hard earned from the giver n a sincere gesture. Dun complain… be grateful.

  4. Just like how Chinese wedding banquet lost its meaning too. ‍♀️ It was supposed to be a celebration but now it is the just-invite-any-Tom-Dick-or-Harry-to-finance-your-wedding-banquet-and-if-they-don’t-give-enough-to-cover-your-cost-they-are-cheapo era.

  5. This post is a distractn from the $300 hangbao frm govt. They are saying u are ungrateful. Give u money but still ungrateful. The strawberry is them – the public are parents we have been funding their salaries and lifestyle. Now u give yr ‘parents’ pocket money but take everything frm us? Time to disown such brats. I can adopt no issues.

  6. I guess all these youngsters don’t understand the value behind the ang pows!!!
    Have you ever wondered about the difficulties of retirees and unemployed groups of
    people like us? We have to fork out our savings to give the blessings in ang pows.
    It’s not the amount but the thoughts that count!!! sigh….

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