Featured News Singaporeans mock Teo Ser Luck after he disappoints them with tiny durians...

Singaporeans mock Teo Ser Luck after he disappoints them with tiny durians despite queuing for hours




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Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Member of Parliament (MP) Teo Ser Luck faced much disappointment from the residents of Sengkang after they queued for four hours at a durian fair, only to receive palm-sized durians.

The durian festival was held on July 29, from 10am to 8pm, and tickets were sold at S$5, which allowed each person two durians.

Photo: Facebook / Sengkang Community Club

It was also advertised that the durians would be available throughout the duration of the event.

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The actual festival, however, saw insufficient durians available for everyone who had bought the tickets, along with very small, low quality durians given out.

Photo: Facebook / Patrick Tan

The entire incident led to netizens mocking Mr Teo himself, with a speech he made at the 2015 General Elections.

In his speech, he said in dialect, “Liu lian boh bao jiak. Jit bai wu gai ho jiak, wu gai boh ho jiak”.

It roughly translates to “There’s no guarantee that you get to eat the durian. This time, some durians are tasty, some are not”.

Attendees of the Sengkang durian festival flooded the Facebook pages of Sengkang Community Club and Mr Teo.

Yesterday evening, Sengkang Community Centre released a statement apologising for the incident as well.



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