Featured News Singaporeans lash out at Sitoh Yih Pin who says it is “fashionable”...

Singaporeans lash out at Sitoh Yih Pin who says it is “fashionable” for young adults not to own or drive a car




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Comments made by Sitoh Yih Pin, a member of Singapore’s Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) advisory panel did not sit well with Singaporeans. Many reacted with anger and outrage after Mr Sitoh said that it has become “very fashionable” for young adults in Singapore not to own or drive a car

Mr Sitoh was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the launch of a public engagement exercise for the next LTMP.

He also added, “”When you talk to the young, it appears to me it is becoming very fashionable not to drive so much, maybe not to even own a car, and to take public transport more, to take the trains more and to take the buses more, even to walk and to cycle”.


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His comments were reacted to with much indignation from netizens who spoke about sky-high Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices as well as a transport system that broke down regularly. Many also questioned the ministers themselves, and asked how many cars each owned.



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